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State of Site5: July 2014

Another month, another update from Site5.  We would like to say that this update is interesting, but it is not.  We will comment on all […]

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A Small Insight into Dreamhost via their Marketing Intern

We were recently looking over the Dreamhost blog for some interesting news to report on (they haven’t really posted anything about their Company or new features in quite a while), and an interesting article about the first days of a new Dreamhost Intern struck our eye.  Unfortunately, the real reason we were first interested was […]

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Magento Go Shutting Down February 1st 2015

Magento, creators of the popular e-commerce software have announce that they are shutting down Magento Go on February 1st 2015 in favor of focusing solely on their Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition (free version).  Due to the popularity of the Magento Go edition, there is bound to be much upheaval when Magento Go […]

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Tutorial: Stop Comment Spam with Cookies for Comments WordPress Plugin

We have recently taken you through a detailed tutorial on how to stop WordPress Comment Spam, but a new plugin called Cookies for Comments has recently been gaining some positive reviews for their more novel approach.  Spam can be incredibly annoying, and even negatively affect the SEO of your site, both diluting the keyword density, […]


Tutorial: How to Stop WordPress Comment Spam

What is WordPress Comment Spam? WordPress Comment Spam is when a third party posts an unsolicited message, often of a commercial nature, as a comment on your WordPress site.  The comments are often automated in nature, with the perpetrator often able to post thousands of comments an hour via their automated software. How to Identify […]


Tutorial: How to Setup and Embed Google+ Hangout in WordPress

Before we go into how to embed a live Google+ Hangout on Air in WordPress, it is useful to understand what the Google Hangout is, along with some possible use cases. What is a Google+ Hangout? You all know what online video conferencing is… well one of the most well-known live streaming video platforms in […]

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Infographic: The Triumphant Rise of the Subscription Model

  From Netflix to Microsoft and Adobe among many others, subscription based businesses have taken a foothold over the last few years by bringing what were once expensive products to a much wider market at an affordable cost.  Bluehost have created a rather cool Infographic, showcasing a number of companies such as Netflix, Dollar Shave […]


Infographic: The Scary Story Behind DDos Attacks and Botnets

Bluehost have create this rather nifty infographic based on the Zombie Computer.  It details how Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are growing in sophistication and severity, even causing problems country and continent wide. DDoS Attack 101 1. The Botmaster is Born – A DDoS starts when someone begins exploiting a vulnerability in one computer […]


How to get your site Online in Minutes if your Web Host goes Down

We thought you would like to hear about a little trick we discovered when dealing with one of our other project sites. When we test different web hosting providers we like to use an active site.  Nothing too important, but important enough that should it go down we would not be happy… at all.  So […]


Prestashop Vs Magento Vs Opencart Infographic

Whilst the data is around 6 months old, the information revealed by this infographic is really quite interesting with it containing a very useful comparison of the various features, and number of extensions \ plugins, among other things.  The infographic reveals that the Magento is getting left behind in terms of easy of use, so […]

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