Hostnine Review

hostnine review

Hostnine was founded in 2006 and quickly made a buzz within the web hosting community for their excellent support. It didn’t take long to be noticed and in 2012 was bought up by EIG, although they retained their old management team.

Shared Hosting Verdict:
A+ Highly
Monthly Price:$2.08
Hostnine Coupon15% Off
Unlimited SpaceUnlimited Bandwidth
CpanelFree Domain
Integrated CloudflareDaily Backup

Our Hostnine Shared Hosting Review

Like their sister company A Small Orange (same management and support team), they are owned by EIG. For those you don’t know, EIG have a history of buying up web hosting companies, and making them more cost efficient (i.e. Hostgator). Typically this can result in a slight loss in quality of service, but it has been over a year now and we haven’t seen any changes within Hostnine. This is probably likely due to the same management team being in charge of Hostnine that was in place prior to the purchase..

Although their support has slightly slower response times (15-30 minutes, rather than a couple of minutes) than SiteGround, we have found the help and assistance offered by Hostnine exceptional, and in some cases far better. We typically tend to be quite demanding of the support due to some of the complex projects we tend to undertake, and Hostnine are always willing to help \ do migrations and generally go above and beyond what we expect.

What we like about Hostnine

  • Great Support – One of the main things we like about Hostnine is their excellent support – we really cannot stress this enough!. We host this site with Hostnine, as well as many others, and have always found them to go to great lengths to help with things, even if technically it is not their responsibility to do so (i.e. help with .htaccess redirects).
  • Telephone Support – If you live in the US, you can get support during office hours during the week by telephone.
  • Great Price – Hostnine’s entry price level on their shared hosting for the features, support and reliablity is hard to beat. Of course there are some other good companies around, and whilst they can be relatively competitive on price for the initial sign-up period when using our coupons, their renewal price cannot really compete with Hostnine.
  • Extremely Reliable – Despite a few problems back in April when a massive attack hit WordPress installs worldwide, we have found Hostnine to be extremely reliable. We also run a web design company, and all our clients are hosted with Hostnine and have never had a client complain of downtime or slow server speed.
  • CPanel – Hostnine use the standard cPanel. We always recommend going with a host that uses cPanel, as it is extremely easy to move hosts should you ever need to. In fact, many hosts will move your site for you if you use cPanel.
  • 45 day money back guarantee – Whilst not the longest money back period, 45 days should be more than enough to decide whether Hostnine is for you.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee – Whilst we have never needed to claim on this guarantee, they will give you one day of credit for each hour of downtime should you qualify.
  • Great Upgrade Path – One of the best things we like about Hostnine, is the ability to upgrade to some extremely well priced VPS servers should you need to.  Although, to be honest we use some pretty CPU intensive WordPress plugins on some of the sites we manage, and have never received notification that we are using too many resources (unlike some other hosts we have used who may just switch off your site without warning).

What we don’t like about Hostnine

  • No choice of server location for Basic plan – This is not really a negative, but you should be aware that their basic shared hosting plan does not give a choice of server location. Whilst this is not a problem if you live in the US, if you live in the UK, or Europe you will need their “Business Plan”, which costs a couple of dollars a month more.

Hostnine Shared Hosting Plans

We have highlighted the main differences between the various Hostnine Shared Hosting Plans. The Prices are based on paying for 3 years with our standard Hostnine Coupon. Check our Hostnine Coupons page for the latest coupons, as we do get notified of exclusive discounts from time to time.

No. of Domains 1 100 100
Server Locations US US, UK, SG, NL US, UK, SG, NL
Dedicated IP +$2 /month +$2 /month Included
SSL Certificate + $39.95 /year + $39.95 /year Included
Free Domain No No Included
Price PM (3 years) (with 15% Coupon) $2.08 $4.21 $6.33

Our Hostnine Review Verdict

A+ Recommended

The bad things we had to say about Hostnine are very minor issues, and in most cases not even relevant. Certainly, we would highly recommend Hostnine for your hosting needs particularly due to the excellent support, and the pricing levels of the different plans. Not only that, but there is an excellent upgrade path to their VPS or dedicated servers (we host this site, along with several others, on their VPS).

Reliability for Hostnine is extremely good, and we have experienced no downtime on the shared hosting accounts we run.

For all these reasons we recommend using Hostnine Hosting for shared hosting, but you will see from our other Hostnine reviews that they are our top host for Reseller and VPS hosting.

Hostnine coupons

Latest Hostnine Coupons

Simply click the Hostnine Coupon above to copy the code to the clipboard, and visit the site.


  1. Leland says

    I have over 10 sites, and I usu a few different shared hosting accounts from different hosting companies. I must say, Hostnine is my favorite. It’s ridiculously cheap considering the quality of their service. Besides, I don’t really see why the fact that you cannot choose the location of the servers is an issue. You can easily host a website in US, and target visitors in French or anywhere else. You just have to set a geotarget filter on Google Webmaster’s Tools.

  2. Sam says

    I’ve only heard good things about Hostnine, however, I did not know that it’s only $2.08 a month. Seems like I’m going to change hosting after all.

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