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siteground-reviewSiteGround has been in existence for around 10 years now, and has become widely known in the hosting industry for their advanced bespoke technologies making them one of the fastest and most reliable hosts around.
Shared Hosting Verdict:
A++ Highly Recommended
Monthly Price:$3.95
SiteGround Coupon60% Off
Unlimited SpaceUnlimited Bandwidth
CpanelFree Domain
Integrated CloudflareDaily Backup

Our SiteGround Shared Hosting Review

siteground uptimeSiteGround has been in existence for nearly 10 years now, and have become widely known and accepted in the industry for pushing the technological boundaries that make them one of the fastest, most reliable and secure web hosting providers around.  For that reason (among others) you will find our SiteGround Review ranked number one out of all the hosts we have reviewed.  In fact, no other host we have reviewed comes close in terms of technical ability, features and performance. Even our own site that we host at SiteGround has an amazing 100% uptime over the last year. At the last count in 2012 SiteGround had well over a quarter of a million customers, and has recently even been recommended on the Google blog for their adoption of latest hosting technologies.  They are a fast growing web host, and we suspect they will become much more widely known in the public eye over the next couple of years.  Indeed, 2013 seems to have been a very proactive, and productive year for them.  Not only did they employ an addition 35 employers, but they revamped their hosting plans and refreshed their website and branding.  But there is more… they have sponsored 20 events globally, and given 9 talks at events such as WordCamp and JoomlaDay.

What we like about SiteGround

  • Great Uptime – Like many hosts they boast a 99.9% uptime guarantee.  We have bee hosting with them for around 12 months now, and they certainly have kept their promise.  We have experienced no downtime at all with their service (see a recent screenshot above and to the right of our uptime).  SiteGround have redundancies built in at every level, including the rare step of having a completely empty server all setup and ready to go in the rare occasion they need to migrate one server to another.  Of course, they also keep spare parts for every server they use, to enable lightning fast repairs.  But did we say we have 100% uptime?!?
  • Great Support – We have always been extremely impressed with their willingness to go the extra mile.  Unlike other hosts, SiteGround usually answer their live chat within a few seconds and on occasions have even helped us with some WordPress issues that have nothing at all to do with their hosting.  But we think the most significant thing about SiteGround’s support is that they hire truly exceptional people, that have interests in developing new tools (such as Site Staging, Auto Update just to name a few examples).  They really understand what they are doing, and are confident to offer custom server setups to really take advantage of their specialist knowledge.
  • WordPress & Joomla Specialists – SiteGround have servers specifically optimized for WordPress and Joomla Sites, making them run faster with less load on the server.  However, you will need their GoGeek plan for all three levels of caching, even their basic plan is blazingly fast.
  • Great server security – SiteGround have developed special server software that isolates each account, so that your site doesn’t suffer when another has been compromised.  Not only this, when threats occur they are extremely quick to react to ensure the security of your site by applying fixes at the server level.  For a demonstration on how far they go, check out their Joomla security webinar (but the same thing applies to WordPress and other software as well).
  • Unlimited  bandwidth and clear usage policies – It goes without saying that unlimited is better.  These days the majority of hosts limit CPU usage rather than space and bandwidth, and with all of SiteGrounds’ caching technologies and CDN, you will find even a busy site will have no difficulties on their basic tariff.  You can clearly monitor your CPU usage on the cPanel dashboard.  SiteGround are one of the few hosts that allow the upgrade of CPU usage, via their tiered plans.  Whats more, this is one of the few hosts that will give you an indication of how much traffic each of their plans can cater for, with their StartUp plan being good for around 10,000 monthly visits… good enough for most blogs, or business websites.
  • CPanel – We highly recommend using a host that uses cPanel, as it is the most common administration interface for website hosting.  The biggest benefit is that if you ever need to move your site to a new host it makes it incredibly easy, as most hosts will carry out the task for you free of charge.
  • Free Domain – Whilst we love Namecheap to host our domains, who is going to pass up a free domain?
  • Free CDN – Cloudflare is integrated at the cPanel level, so with just one click you can enjoy all the benefits of this technology, significantly speeding up your site.  A Content Distribution Network distributes copies of your site to servers across the world which reduces latency as people viewing request copies locally.  It also reduces the strain on the server, and has some other neat security features as well.
  • Advanced Caching – SiteGround uses their own specially developed Caching technology that they call “SuperCacher”.  What this does is stores fully built copies of pages (rather than dynamically built from database queries), and increases the speed of your site significantly.  You will need to sign up for their GrowBig plan for this at $7.95 for all 3 levels of caching, but to be honest, the GrowBig plan is worth it just for all the additional features you get with it (30 days backups, premium support, Free SSL, and all 3 levels of caching).
  • GoGeek plan – See below.

GoGeek Plan

This deserves a special mention, as it was previously their semi-dedicated plan.  It has much better hardware configurations, and we have included a comparison between the GoGeek plan for the more technical minded (this plan is great for developers), and the other two plans below:

1. Hardware setup

Shared servers  – StartUp and GrowBig:

MySQL + mail accounts run on SAS – just one hard drive.
File partitions use 3 SATA disks in RAID 5

GoGeek (business) servers:

MySQL + mail accounts runs on SSD (2 drives in RAID 0).
File partitions use 4 SAS disks in RAID 10

All in all:
-On Geek servers SiteGround use up to twice more RAM than on StartUP and GrowBig servers.
-MySQL runs on separate drives in both cases but in Geek configuration is a lot more faster because they use SSD drives instead of SAS/SATA disks
-file partitions(client’s files) are normally hosted on SATA, but with Geek are on SAS disks
-On Geek RAID10 setup which runs faster than RAID5

2. They host less accounts on GoGeek servers – this results in ability to provide up to 4 times more server resource than on the StartUp and GrowBig plans.

3. GIT + Staging is available for GoGeek. Servers are also PCI compliant + GoGeek users get free SSL.

What we don’t like about SiteGround

  • Cpanel backup 500MB limit - Slightly annoying if you need to transfer your site.
  • You should be aware of a couple of limitations that we have found – No Windows hosting (meaning no, no Ruby on Rails on shared hosting platforms.

Our SiteGround Review Verdict

A++ Highly Recommended

For all the reasons mentioned above, you can start to understand why our SiteGround Review is extremely positive. By using our 60% off coupon you can get their hosting for just $3.95 per month, but be sure to sign up for as long as possible to make the most of the savings. SiteGround is the only hosting provider that has so far received our “A++ Highly Recommended Rating”, due all the reasons we have stated above.  There simply is no other host involved so highly in the community, designing bespoke technologies to vastly out class the competition, and providing such excellent levels of support and high levels of uptime.  Forget what we say about all other hosting providers, they don’t even come close.

SiteGround Coupons

Latest SiteGround Coupons

Simply click the SiteGround Coupon above to copy the code to the clipboard, and visit the site.


  1. Jake says

    I signed up with SiteGround a few months ago. Back then I had no idea that SiteGround is one of the best companies to host your site with. I just chose SiteGround because of the rather cheap price, and hoped that it wouldn’t be really awful. However, I haven’t had any major issues with SiteGround, and the up-time is indeed 100%.

  2. Maria says

    I haven’t had that much experience with different hosting companies, but I do have used a few different company’s services, and I would say that SiteGround is, if not the best hosting company, the best company I’ve used. Ever since I moved my site to SiteGround, it has never been down, it loads fast, and that all only for 3.95 €/mo.

  3. Steve says

    I’ve used siteground for several years for a couple of my web-sites….and they’re ok for the web-site hosting. However, for a real business application, they lack terribly in the ‘full range’ of services they claim. A small business cannot get a good deal for email…their email for the basic is limited to 500mb….Yes…500mb…not many emails. A customer cannot simply upgrade the email account storage as you can with other companies. Where with most companies, you can get 5 GB for about $50 a YEAR…with Site Ground, you have to upgrade the ENTIRE ACCOUNT to an $80 per MONTH service to get 2GB of storage. That is ridiculous. I called them about this and they said they are not an email service provider, it’s provided as a convenience only…so they do not offer plans to upgrade only the email. That’s a poor response and philosophy. They also do not disclose the limitation on their web-site when purchasing…all their account plans actually say ‘unlimited emails’…which is not true. It’s deceptive. I would not recommend SiteGround if looking for an all-in-one solution.

    • Steve says

      I called SiteGround to do the transfer…and the lady I spoke with at SiteGround said they will not help me transfer your emails to another provider. She actually said if the other company wants my business then they will figure it out for me. In my judgment, she was very defensive…and petty. She said she is not going to try to convince me that she’s right that they are a great provider…as I expressed my opinion that they should disclose the extreme limitations in their web-site marketing and also suggested they recommend up front to potential customers to use a viable email provider….and not market as if they are a good all-in-one solution, because they are not. Her resolution was that I delete unnecessary emails. I keep emails for back reference…so that’s not a viable solution and would not be for most businesses. SiteGround needs to step up their game to be a viable all-in-one solution for small business. Right now, they simply are not in my experience.

      • SiteGround Web Hosting says

        Hello Steve,
        We understand your concerns (and will certainly respect your feedback when we make changes to our products), but please note that in the first place we provide web hosting services and only as part of that – email hosting. Due to this fact our email solution might be subject to some limitations, but we have made sure to mention them explicitly on our website.
        When you purchase email hosting from other providers, you usually pay only for email services per user (as in the case with GoDaddy $50/year per user) and for additional users you have to pay additionally. A domain name is also usually not included in the package and neither is website hosting.
        With our package on the other hand users get the domain name free, email hosting and website hosting together. With our email service we don’t set a limit on the number of email accounts your can create. What we do limit is the space usage per account – as mentioned in our TOS – up to 500 MB with our StartUp plan, up to 1000 MB with our GrowBig plan, and up to 2000 MB with our GoGeek plan. We understand that our email service might be not suitable for every user, but we do not hide this fact and are always willing to improve thanks to users feedback like yours.

        • Jonathan says

          Thanks SiteGround. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

          Please never sacrifice your superb quality and performance for those unlimited everything type plans!

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