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1and1 couponsWe have managed to obtain many 1and1 (also known as 1 & 1 or One and One) Coupons for you this month.  The codes offered are link activated, which makes then very easy to use.  Just click one of the Discount Offers below and it will automatically take you to their site, and the promotion will display.

For more information about the 1and1 shared hosting plans check here.

New 1 and 1 Coupon Codes for October 2016

Here is a quick summary of the different offers, with the actual discount links below:

  • New Cloud Server Offer – This is the perfect way to see if Cloud Hosting is right for you.  The first month it totally free.
  • 30-day free trial website builder – Website Builders are not to everyone’s taste, especially the cheaper ones that come free with Web Hosting Providers.
  • 1st Month $0.99 Web Hosting – Whether you sign up monthly, or yearly, this still gives you the great opportunity to test out their hosting.  There is a money back guarantee though as well.
  • $0.99 First Month 1&1 WordPress Hosting Coupon – Again, offer for a discount first month to allow you to try them out.
  • 1and1 Dedicated Server Offer – You can currently get either $25 or $75 off your first invoice.

How to use your 1 and 1 Coupons

1. Click the 1&1 coupon code above.

The 1&1 Promo Code will open up a new browser window, and take you to their website when you click it.  You will be taken to the relevant page for that Coupon, and you will see the different discounts \ free trials specified.  If you look in the browser bar, you will find that the relevant Coupon Code forms part of the URL automatically.

1and1 coupons choose plan


2. Click “Try Now” for your chosen Plan

Enter your desired domain in the box and click the yellow button to check availability.  If you do not wish to purchase a domain, just click continue on the right-hand side of the screen.

Domain Check Search Find Available Domain Names

The great thing is that the domain is free for the lifetime of your hosting package, so will be renewed free of charge.

3. Select package and any add-ons

Here you can choose your hosting package (Basic, Plus or Premium) whether you wish to pay monthly or yearly (both come with a free 30 days with our 1and1 Coupon.

Also, they advertise a “Get found online”.  We would caution you against using this kind of services.  Creating links in low-quality directories can harm your rankings, and without more detailed information on where they would register your site, we would be very cautious about using the service.  The pricing of the List Local service is in the small print at the bottom of the page, and it isn’t cheap!

1 and 1 cost overview

4. Click Continue

You must then log into your existing 1 and 1 account, or create a new one.  You will see at this stage the shopping basket shows $0, as it reflects the free 30 days hosting.

1and1 promo code shown

5.  Enter Billing information

Once you have registered, proceed to complete your customer details and enter payment verification to complete your discount coupon purchase.

You should receive your new account details within 30 minutes.

1&1 Coupon and Billing FAQS

What payment methods are accepted?

1and1 accept all major credit and debit card, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. They do not, however, take cash or checks. All payments are completed when you go through the sign-up process, and should be immediately processed (subject to banking speeds on weekends and back holidays). You will receive the email confirmation of your sign-up, an invoice, and also confirmation of your payment via email.

Does 1and1 accept Paypal?

Yes, 1and1 does accept Paypal, so you can use your Paypal account if this is easiest for you.

Does 1and1 accept Bitcoin?

No, 1and1 does not presently accept payments with Bitcoin – if you need to purchase a domain name or web hosting service with Bitcoin, then we suggest Namecheap.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, you can pay monthly.  The basic shared hosting plan is just $7.99 per month, although you can make further savings if you sign up for a longer period.

What other Payment terms are available?

You can also pay yearly.  The cost is just $6.99 per month when paid yearly in advance.

Also, the 1and1 Coupons provide a great offer to get hosting for just $0.99 per month for the first month.

Can I use a credit card to set up auto-renewal?

Yes, you can, and this is simplified by the plan being set by 1and1 to auto-renewal from the start. You can change it to manual renewal, but with auto-renewal and a regular credit card payment set up, you’ll avoid any extra bits of admin once your site is up and running.

Will my price go up after the hosting plan renews?

Yes, the introductory rates and our Namecheap Coupons mean your first invoice will be much lower than the ones afterwards, so you price will go up when your plan is renewed.

Are there any hidden setup costs?

No, you just pay the fees to 1and1 for the domain or hosting services, use the promotional code, and that’s it – no hidden costs to worry about.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy?

There is a 30-day money back guarantee with 1and1, but this only applies if you’ve bought a website builder, server, hosting, eShop or mail package – in these cases, you have 30 days to decide if you’re satisfied, and if not call to 1and1 within 30 days will ensure a full refund. There’s no refund available for domain name purchases, though, so be sure you’re happy with the name and the price before going ahead.

To cancel, you must complete and fill out a cancellation request form.

Will I get a free domain?

When you sign up for the 1and1 website builder or hosting plan, you do get your chosen domain name in the deal for free. You only keep this domain name as long as you keep paying for the website builder or hosting service, though; if you don’t plan on using these long-term, paying for the domain name separately can be better value for money.

Can I switch between Linux and Window based hosting?

Yes, upon request they can transfer your hosting to either operating system. However, all data will be lost during the process, so it is advised to backup your complete data before initiating the process. The transferring from Windows to Linux and vice versa can also take a little time, so be prepared to wait while your website is changed over to another system.

How do I cancel my service?

To cancel your account with 1and1, you must fill out the cancellation form at their administration page. If you have pre-paid service in advance, you will first need to disable pre-paid package auto-renewal. You can also contact customer service at 1 (855) 461 6058 if you have any queries; the staff will be there to provide assistance and take you through cancelling your service if necessary.

Will my domain auto renew?

Yes, all accounts are set to auto-renew by default and will be billed by your registered method of payment at the time of expiration. If you wish to disable auto-renewal, you can follow the help guide here. If you have multiple domain names with 1and1 that are invoiced, you can also set some to auto-renew and others to have been manually renewed; this is not available for Included Domains, which are set to auto-renewal.

Can I renew my hosting before renewal?

No, 1and1 provides an auto-renew service to make renewal easier. You can toggle between automatic and manual renewal, but you cannot renew your plan before the date it is due for renewal; this date is calculated from when you bought the plan.

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