A look at Dreamhost Office Interior Design

We first got a glimpse of what the Dreamhost office interior design looked like when we did a summary of a day in the life of one of their intern’s who rather helpfully revealed some interesting photographs.  Well fortunately for us we have found a source for some more professionally taken photographs that really make their office stand out.

The offices were designed by Studio O + A back in 2011 (so a few years old now), the same company that have designed cutting edge offices for companies such as Evernote, Microsoft and AOL. The offices are located in Brea, California and consists of 13,242 gross square footage.  The design was a Shaw “Design Is” Award Finalist in 2011.

Dreamhost Office Interior DesignA rather pastel colored reception relaxation area.  The very open feel, with a light airy feel is broken by subtle flashes of vivid colors.  In our novice opinion, this looks incredibly smart, clean and trendy.

Dreamhost Office Interior Design The photo above presumably the place where meetings can take place.  It seems to be a black painted conference hut with curtains that can be drawn to maintain privacy when required.  Of course, for those more informal meetings, how about a game of table tennis?

Dreamhost Office Interior Design

Apparently the red patterns on the walls are inspired by the looping wires and cables you might find in the server room.  Couple with casual seating and matching red cushions for additional impact there is much to stimulate the senses.

Dreamhost Office Interior Design

The interior design was about structure and form rather than just the superficial styling.  The whole office implements a very hierarchical structure that is designed perfectly to suit the management structure of a typical web hosting company.  Below you can see the “general workers” having an open plan working area, with the bottom photograph showing an office for someone presumably in management.

Dreamhost Office Interior Design

Dreamhost Office Interior Design

We think having a nice office really does show that a company is not only doing well, but that they are proud and endeavoring to show an image that is not only successful but also innovative.  It doesn’t just show innovation, as it is said to promote a culture of innovation.  Certainly, we would love to work in a place like that given the chance… Maybe it will inspire us to redecorate our own office!

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