A Look at the New SiteGround Office

Siteground have recently announced the opening of a new Siteground office in Stara Zagora, which came to our attention when it started being showcased in many design magazines.  Like with their head office in Sofia, which had the design treatment back in July 2012 (we have discussed this further at the end of the article), the new 500 sq.m office sports a designer look created by Cache Atelie in a very similar style.

As you will see from the images we have posted below (photographer: Minko Minev), the similar raw design, featuring concrete ceiling, exposed ducts and wood features along with dashes of vibrant color all come together superbly to make this a beautiful looking place to work.












You can see more great photographs of the office in action on SiteGround’s Facebook page here,

SiteGround Headquarters

We had to mention further about their Headquarters in Sofia, even just briefly.  You will find on this design blog some great professional photographs of the headquarters, one of which we have re-posted below:


The headquarters was also professionally designed, but by a different agency – Funkt.

Whilst many designer offices are meant to instill a feeling of innovation, it is clear that SiteGround want to show the world that they are not ordinary.  In keeping with their “Crafted with Care” slogan, you can see the origami branding that you see on their website crop up within the photographs.

But it goes further than that.

SiteGround are saying, not just to their clients, but to their competitors… “You cannot compete with us”. SiteGround are able to offer the service they do because they refuse to play the budget hosting game.

They focus on excellent features (such as their SuperCacher or developer features) and innovative technology, and are able to justify a huge support team to ensure your queries are dealt with in minutes, not hours.  You get what you pay for with SiteGround and much more,… and we would even say that no other host even comes close to what SiteGround offers.  You only have to read our User Reviews to see how happy people are with them.

There is very little reason to try them out, as we are able to offer our readers up to 60% off their first invoice.

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  1. Reply Boo Rodent August 2, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous! Very well done to the designers etc.!

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