A Small Orange Coupons + Promo Codes

a small orange coupons for a great deal off hostingWe have the latest and best A Small Orange Coupons, which are tested each month to ensure that they are working so that you can get the best savings possible. 

The most popular coupon is the 15% off all hosting plans, which when coupled with a yearly payment plan (2 months free) you can make some significant savings.

ASO are a host that comes very highly recommended in our User Reviews but is a particular favorite of ours for their VPS Plans. On occasions, we can advertise special offers, so it is worth checking back here from time to time or join our mailing list.

New A Small Orange Promo Code for October 2016

There are a few great Coupons this October, with a couple of standard coupon codes as well as something a little more unusual that can net you a very nice 25% off new and existing orders (renewal coupon):

  • 15% off the first invoice – This is one of our best Promo Codes we regularly share that is great for those willing to sign up for longer periods. If can take advantage of paying yearly to get two months free as well, in addition to a free domain.
  • $5 off the first invoice – If you want to try them out for free you can do with this coupon.  This will cover the entire cost of the “Small” plan (note the tiny plan can only be paid yearly) for the first month.
  • 50% off all plans – Labor Day Sale – This is a fantastic offer that gives you 50% off all plans.  It is only valid for a limited time, ending on the 8th August 2015.

How to use our A Small Orange Coupons

To assist you we have included some detailed instructions to help ensure that you make the best savings possible.  We usually have two ASO coupons available, one for 15% off, and one for $5 off.

1. Click the required A Small Orange Promo Code above:

To use the coupons just click the required Promo Code above, and it will copy the code to your clipboard, and take you to their website. At the checkout, right click in the coupon box and paste the code above.  To paste the coupon into the relevant box, you can either do [shift][Ins], or [Ctrl][v] as these will paste the coupon into the appropriate box (see step 5 below).

2. Choose your hosting plan

They have a variety of plans including Shared Hosting, Business Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud VPS, Hybrid, and Dedicated.  For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be looking at their Shared Hosting, although if you have an eCommerce site that needs PCI compliance, then you may want to consider their Business Hosting. If you are in any doubt, their online chat support is excellent (although recently, that could be debated), and they will be able to advise. There are two steps to get to the list of shared plans. First click on “Find your Perfect Plan”:

Choose your hosting plan

Then click on “Find out More” under the relevant service you require. In this case, we shall look at their Shared Hosting plans. Select shared hosting Once clicked the button above it will take you to a list of the different Shared Plans. You should note the difference in costs, the number of domains allowed, etc. If all you have is one site, we recommend the Tiny plan and upgrade as required. If you are thinking of getting one of the larger plans, you may want to consider reading our Hostnine Review. Hostnine is their sister site with the same support infrastructure. Note that you will be able to upgrade easily in the future should you wish to do so. If you only need the Tiny Plan, ASO is slightly cheaper than Hostnine when used with one of our Coupons. promo code When you hover over the “Order Now” button, you will see an option to pay monthly or yearly, along with the different prices for each.  As an example, the “Small” plan is only $4.17 per month if you pay annually, and that is before using our Coupon.

Choice of Location

You may have read from our related review that they offer 2 locations, Michigan or Texas.  At the current time, these are randomly selected, so there is no way to choose between them.  The locations are shown below for comparison.

3. Enter your domain information

The next stage is to enter your domain information. We recommend only to purchase hosting and use NameCheap to purchase domains, although if you sign up for 12 months, you get a free domain.  There is no harm in taking advantage of that, and registering your domain with them, and you can always transfer it away later.  You will see the different options relating to your domain below. domain config You should note that if you are paying yearly, you have the option of registering a free domain, although please be aware that the Money Back Guarantee does not apply to any domains registered.  If you wish to order a domain, simply select the “I’d like to order a new domain” option and enter the domain in the box below. If you wish to transfer a domain select the middle box headed “I want to transfer my domain to you”, and if you wish to use an existing domain you have registered elsewhere or will register elsewhere select “I want to point my domain at you”.  If you choose the latter option, you will get details of the nameservers in you welcome mail that will be sent to you once you have completed your order.

4. Hosting configuration

While you will have had the option in Step 2 above to choose either monthly or yearly payment, in the next step you can change the length of you plan to lock in the savings for up to 3 years.  By doing this, you will make the most of your Coupon.  The 12-month price will show on renewals as well as new orders. discount review cart At this stage you also have the option to Add to Cart various addons:

  • SSL Certificate
  • 360-Degree Security Scan: Basic
  • Starter Website Package
  • Google Adwords (The US only)
  • Bing Advertising Credits (US Canada only)

5. Review Cart & Enter your Coupon

The most important part is to enter one of the Promo Codes to ensure you get additional money off your purchase. Type the coupon in the box shown, and click “validate code”.  If you had clicked on the Coupon above, it would have automatically copied the Coupon Code to the clipboard, so all you need to do is click in the box and press [shift][Ins], or [Ctrl][v], or in your browser menu select [edit] and then [paste]. promo enter coupon You will see that the Coupon will be highlighted in green if successful.

6. Continue to Checkout.

Arrange payment for your services. In our experience, you will get an immediate email confirming the purchase, and within an hour or two, you will receive details of your hosting account although in many cases it will be much quicker. If you have any questions at all while signing up, feel free to contact their Support, as they are very helpful (or at least used to be), and you will usually be able to speak to someone on their live chat within a few seconds (lately (2016), you may have to wait some time).

A Small Orange Coupon & Billing FAQs

Can you advise which hosting plan I should choose?

A Small Orange is one of the few hosts that use SSD storage for increased performance.  As a result, a number of resources with each plan is more limited and defined.  The Tiny Plan for instance only comes with 500MB storage and 5 GB Bandwidth.  For most small websites this is ample, but while your website may only take around 200MB you need to consider the space that might be attributable to any custom backups you may take, and any files created by your Caching Solution (see our W3 Cache Tutorial for recommended setup).

The Tiny Plan also only allows one website to be hosted, whereas the Small Plan and above offers unlimited websites. There are no differences in CPU or RAM Allowance between the different shared hosting plans.  If you need an SSL certificate and PCI compliance you can choose one of their Business plans starting at $20 per month, noting that they have lower account densities on these servers for increased performance.

Ultimately, it will depend on your circumstances that plan is required, and if you need advice you should open a live chat, and they will be happy to help.

Can I pay monthly?

Due to the low cost of their Tiny Plan, you cannot pay monthly for it.

However, for all other plans, you can pay monthly, but you may wish to consider signing up for a year or more to get a free domain and 17% off the price of your hosting.  Combined with our A Small Orange Coupon, this makes for some significant savings.

What other billing cycles does A Small Orange offer?

A Small Orange offers monthly, 12 monthly, two yearly, and three yearly billing cycles.

Does A Small Orange offer a Free domain?

A free domain is offered with all hosting plans when you sign up for a year or more. However, this includes only the most common domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .uk, .us, .biz or .info.  Other domain extensions will be charged extra for.

Note that if you exercise the right to refund, any free domain offered will be charged for at the prevailing rates (.i.e. deducted from the refund).

What types of payment can I use to pay?

According to their website, A Small Orange accepts payments via Paypal or by Visa or Mastercard credit \ debit cards.

Do they accept Paypal?

According to their website they do accept Paypal.

Do they accept Bitcoin?

They do not accept Bitcoin at this time.  If paying by Bitcoin is essential, then we suggest Namecheap.

Do they offer Money Back Guarantee?

A Small Orange offer a 90-day money back guarantee for their shared, reseller and VPS hosting plans.  The guarantee only covers the cost of the hosting, and all add-ons \ third party services (including free domains) are specifically excluded.  Also, Cloud VPS and Dedicated plans are specifically excluded.

You can read the full money back guarantee terms and conditions at Clause 6 here.

Will the price increase upon renewal?

Yes, the cost of hosting will go up once you renew as the initial discount offered by our A Small Orange Coupons only applies to the first invoice.

We recommend signing up for three years to make the most of the initial discount.

Do A Small Orange plans come with cPanel hosting control?

All plans come with the cPanel control panel (except their lowest value VPS plan).

Does A Small Orange have an Uptime Guarantee

There is a 99% Uptime Guarantee, which is a little lower than the 99.9% that many other hosting providers offer.

99% equates to 7 hours 18 minutes of downtime a month, whereas 99.9% equates to just 44 minutes per month.  This is a major difference and something you may wish to consider.  That being said, we have found A Small Orange pretty reliable in our dealings with them, and they are one of our recommended providers.

Does A Small Orange provide any other services?

Yes, A Small Orange is known for offering web design and they also offer some SEO services.  Having seen the designs, you may wish to consider using a proper designer instead.

How to sign up with our Offers Video Demo

Here is a short video showing you how to order hosting with our Coupons:

A Small Orange Discounts

A short video taking you through the process of signing up with ASO with our coupons