Arvixe Partners with Chevereto to offer free Image Hosting Script

Arvixe Partners with Chevereto to offer free Image Hosting Script

Arvixe has recently announced that they have partnered with Chevereto to offer a free the Chevereto script (core licence worth $70) which comes preinstalled upon sign up.   The offer also includes free lifetime updates for Chevereto (providing you remain hosting at Arvixe).  

Arvand Sabetian, founder and CEO of Arvixe said:

Chevereto is a solid product and great image and photo sharing script that’s intuitive and easy to use. Both companies share the same values and with this strategic partnership, we believe our customers will benefit greatly.

The partnership sees Arvixe featuring prominently on the Chevereto pricing page as a publicly promoted option to get the licence for free:

Chevereto hosting

What is Chevereto?

Before we read the Arvixe announcement, we had little idea what Chevereto was (apart from an image hosting platform), so we took it for a little spin on their demo.  You can see how visually excellent Chevereto by checking out their promotional image we have included at the top of this post.  However, what we particularly like is the clean and minimalistic look, especially when you click on an individual image.  Here it sets the image full size on the page, with a minimalistic black background, with a simple menu at the top:


Of course, Chevereto comes with many other features that will allow you to customize, configure and easily monetize your installation.  We have highlighted the main ones below:

Simple Chevereto Interface

screen-modalChevereto has a very straightforward and responsive interface (ideal for mobiles & tablets) with a simple but powerful uploader with content manager to enable the easy uploading of images.  This not only looks great but ensures maximum user retention interest.

Privacy Settings

Not only can you set the website to allow public or private uploading of images, but you can allow users to create albums with custom privacy settings so that the content will only be visible to the content owner or those that are given specific access.  This is a must for any serious image hosting website.

Sign-up with Social Media Accounts

Allow your users to sign up for their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.  This allows easier sign-ups resulting in more users for you.

Simple yet powerful Admin Dashboard

You can manage users, images, settings and everything else from one simple dashboard.  Not only that you can access detailed stats as well as other useful tools to enable you to effectively manage the user-driven image hosting site.

Monetize with built in Ad Manager

Chevereto comes with 16 predefined ad spaces as default that seamlessly fit into the existing layout to allow you to customize fully your advert campaigns.  With the ad manager adding your Adsense or other adverts is as easy as pasting the code within the ad manager.

Easy to install, and extremely fast

The software is built on the G Library and Peafowl, two frameworks made by the founder of Chevereto himself, Rodologo Berrios.  It states on the Chevereto website that the page rendering takes just “0.07 seconds and 1.3mb of Ram”.  If you host with Arvixe, the software comes pre-installed.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Image Hosting, you need to be very careful over some of the limitations frequently placed on shared hosting.  Some web hosts will limit the number of files you can have (effectively limiting unlimited hosting plans by other means) while others will outright ban image hosting sites altogether.  Therefore, if you are seriously considering an image hosting site, you can’t get more peace of mind than a company who has specifically partnered with an Image Hosting software company such as Chereveto, especially when you can get the software for free!

You can sign up to Arvixe Chereveto hosting here, but also remember to check our coupons page for additional discounts, as well as our Arvixe Reviews page for more information.

Update: 27th February 2016 – We do not advise you sign up with Arvixe at the moment.  See here for more details.

  1. Reply Lobbie August 1, 2014 at 6:32 am

    I would not advise anyone to purchase this script. I have had the script for a week now and cannot get it to work properly. The arvixe customer support is poor, and they tell you to go to youtube for instructions. The script is difficult to use, once you pay for it youre on your own, they offer no refunds.

    • Reply Rodolfo August 9, 2014 at 8:23 pm

      With Chevereto you are never “on your own” because it comes with lifetime upgrades and lifetime support. We have clients since 2011 and we deliver the same support as clients from 2014, I can’t think in anyone else doing such thing in this business. As you may notice our support is pretty transparent and anyone can see exactly how we deal with the issues and how many pending issues we have: Yes, we have 2 pending issues on a universe of more than 3,500 clients.

      If you have issues with Chevereto simply go to Tech support and open a topic. We even fix the issues in your very own server at absolute no cost. We have fixed tables, permissions, anything you only need to ask.

      If you have issues with Arvixe that is a different story but you can always send us a copy of the issues to our support so we can help our pals at Arvixe so your issues gets fixed quicker. We indeed work closely with them at every level, from accounting to support.

      So if you need help you only need to hint us directly. 😉

    • Reply Jonathan Griffin August 5, 2014 at 9:49 am

      The script is free, so there wouldn’t be a need to purchase it. Furthermore, I would never expect a hosting company to support a third party script, so if you are having problems the first port of call would be the script developers,.. ie. Chevereto. You can easily try this out for $4 by signing up with Arvixe, and of course you get your money back guarantee period. So I don’t really think what you are saying is justified in light of this article.

  2. Reply Bern July 19, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    Amazing, I’m loving it is an awesome deal for anyone!.

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