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Our Bluehost Shared Hosting Review

bluehost reviewKnown mainly for their shared hosting, they have become a household name for those hosting WordPress sites thanks to their endorsement by WordPress as their no.1 recommended host. After reading this Review we recommend reading the User Reviews at the end of the article, as well as our News Articles that will give further insight to the company and it’s features.

When we first carried out an untested Review, we were dubious about their service, mainly due to many anti-EIG opinions on popular sites such as Webhostingtalk among other places.  However, when we finally got around to actually putting them through it’s paces we were very pleasantly surprised, and the speeds for a large brand shared host were actually pretty respectable.

In the last year they have expanded its range of services to include VPS and dedicated plans, but what excites us most of all is their new Pro plan, which essentially provides supercharged WordPress hosting for significantly less money than if you were to upgrade at another host to a faster VPS plan.  We think their Pro plan for $19.99 per month will end up being popular among those who want that extra performance and reliability.

Rather than just take our word for what they are like, check out our readers Bluehost Reviews at the end of the article.


  • WordPress Hosting – WordPress is indeed one of the more popular blog services with it’s content management and software. They are one of the many companies recommended on As a result, software installation can be done very easily with only a few clicks needed.
  • Great Upgrade path – With the recent addition of its Pro, VPS, and dedicated plans there is an excellent upgrade path available.  In fact, it has one of the cheapest upgrade paths available, with their Pro plan (supercharged WordPress Hosting), and very affordable VPS plans.
  • Open Source Hosting –Open source software has become insanely popular with several other sites using it. They are one of them, and when chosen as your Web Host, you have access to myriads of great products along with your hosting account with just one click.
  • Unlimited Domains -This gives you the ability to add as many accounts as you desire. The different domains all have their separate files, and it doesn’t cost extra for these domains either.
  • E-commerce – Gives you the ability to earn and increase your finances through your website just by selling your products on online shopping software sites. The payoff for doing this is that it increases the professionalism you want to have with your site as well as boosting your confidence.
  • Customer Support – This is truly where they shine. They pride itself on excellence in customer support/service and it is shown with the amount of awards that they have won. Customer support team is well-trained, friendly, and approachable when clients need help solving problems or complaints.
  • cPanel – They have quite an advanced cPanel with their web hosting. The cPanel is very easy to use and offers a wide variety of tools and features to enhance your experience. Some features include : mail management, file management, database management, and domain management just to list a few.
  • Integrated Cloudflare – We are a big fan of CloudFlare, especially when a host is geared up to providing a one click install via the control panel.  You can read more about CloudFlare here.


  • 3 Year Signup period required for the best deal – It is quite a commitment to join and get the best deal.  Fortunately, they are one of the few companies that is a safe bet when it comes to knowing they will be around and still giving a great service in 3 years time.  However, they have an anytime money back guarantee, so if you cancel after the first 30 days (full refund within 30 days) they will refund the remainder of the hosting fees.
  • A customized version of cPanel – Because they use a highly customized version of cPanel, you will not be able to transfer your cPanel to another host.  Your website will have to be moved manually.

Our Bluehost Review Verdict

They have made a name for itself, being the recommended hosting provider by WordPress for its sites.  They have taken great strides to increase its range of services, now offering supercharged WordPress hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.  We must admit that in the past we did not give them enough credit for the service it provides, but the more we hear about Bluehost, the more we think it is one of the best hosting providers out there.

We are glad to say, that whilst a little more expensive if you don’t sign up for three years, it is well worth that investment.  They are run by an extremely talented and experienced group and will be around for a long time.  Not only that, they are on the cutting edge offering supercharged hosting for WordPress in an area that is increasingly becoming more popular.

Our Review would have resulted in a recommendation had it not been for the highly customized version of cPanel.  However, if that doesn’t worry you, then we would still recommend them as a hosting provider.

Did you know that Justhost is run by the same company, has the same support and management team and has all the same features at a vastly reduced price? See our Justhost Review to see what they had to say when we queried it with them.

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Bluehost Reviews
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  1. Reply Jason M Turnkit September 28, 2016 at 12:10 am

    Some other features recently introduced :
    – no email tech support available, chat is a joke, waiting time 30-50 minutes, closed by operator before issue solved, rude and arrogance service
    – removed email filtering forced user to buy their spam software. Suddenly our company started to receive 150- 200 spam messages.

    In addition, very frequent server down. No any messages available about the issue, no any word of explanation.

    Definitely for the business use. Definitely untrusted service.

  2. Reply Jamie September 7, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    I have been with bluehost for about 3 years and truth be told never really been satisfied with there service, but foolishly continued to give them my money. Today, however was the last straw.

    I had a website launch planned for midnight last night, and I noticed the site was going quite slowly. I went on Live Chat to talk about some options, including VPS and Cloud Performance Hosting. The salesperson (I believe named Daniel G), said that the performance on Cloud would be better, less managed for us, and that migration would take 1-2 hours. I confirmed with Daniel multiple times about it taking that time. I underlined and stressed that I had a launch at midnight and the site had to be usable by them. He said it would be certainly done in that time and, when it was done, I would just need to re-install my SSL on it.

    So, I bought this service, and waited. I waited for 3 hours before going on Live Chat again, asking if the migration was done and if, perhaps, the email had simply not arrived. This customer service rep now said–“Sorry, it’s still under way, and will take 4-8 hours.” I began to get frustrated at this point, realizing that the first person had lied. I voiced these frustrations, and the rep simply kept saying, “There’s nothing we can do, you have to wait, it’ll be done within 4-8 hours for sure.”

    I moved the launch to 8am the next morning, thinking this would give me plenty of time. I ended up going to bed at 1am (6 hours after the beginning of the migration) and it was not done. I set the alarm for 5am, thinking I would get up at that time and do the SSL. Still not done. Then, after a sleepless few hours, 7am. Still not done.

    I have been on Live Chat since then, and have received appalling service again. The first person said, “Well sorry but migrations take 24-72 hours” and said there’s nothing I can do. I kept at it and she managed to give me a phone number for the migrations department. When I called, it said they’re closed until 9am MT (which would be 11am my time). When I asked, I was told there is no one on call.

    I was offered nothing but a “sorry”. I asked to speak to another person. She then told me that migrations take 12-24 hours. And the kicker is–she claimed that she “consulted with the technical experts and they said it would be done within then.” Who did she call? The closed department?

    Needless to say I will be cancelling my account with them ASAP. If you are thinking about using bluehosts services, consider yourself warned. I highly suggest you stay as far away from them as you possibly can.

    + PROS: Literally, none.
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  3. Reply Nicola November 6, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    It is two days that our website hosted @ Yesterday everything disappeared in the hosting space and then magically reappeared after one our. Still we can not access our emails account form mail clients. I contacted the chat but they are useless and not properly trained to solve problems, they even tried to convince me that there are no problems at all. Stay away from his provider.

  4. Reply ssdhosting November 2, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    Very shortly this web site will be famous among all boog visitors, due to
    it’s nice articles or reviews

  5. Reply Sabina August 25, 2015 at 1:39 pm

    I had been a very satisfied customer for right around 4 years. I was hosting several low traffic websites on Bluehost’s shared web hosting platform, with very few issues. Suddenly, all of my websites began experiencing very severe lag issues. Even fetching very simple tech space pages would take roughly 5 to 30 seconds. This may have in fact been partly due to a new site launch that we had performed using WordPress with DAP (Digital Access Pass) and also OptimizePress, but honestly I highly doubt it. At first, it was an intermittent problem for which I reached out to customer service. The only thing that they have been able to tell me is that my service was being throttled. They gave numerous tips and tricks on how to optimize websites and databases, but even after I asked multiple times, they have still been able to tell me exactly why my account was being throttled in the first place. Traffic is not been anywhere near high enough to result in me using up all of the bandwidth available on the account, and there haven’t been any processes running, according to the cPanel. If it was a matter of too much memory being used, I’m unable to see that through the cPanel, but it has never been brought to my attention by the support department.
    Since I ran into so many issues, I decided to switch over to SiteGround shared hosting. Since making the change, all of the problems that I was having with my sites have disappeared entirely. There has been no optimization done to the websites, the only thing that I actually did was moved all of my domains, files, and databases over to the new hosting at SiteGround. Currently, my load times are much faster than they ever happen to be on BlueHost and I’m seeing almost no downtime for any of my sites whatsoever.
    While I enjoyed my time with BlueHost immensely, I think that perhaps their new ownership has lost their ability to provide quality customer service and hosting.

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  6. Reply Jeanine Broderick December 18, 2014 at 9:45 am

    They are one of the leaders in the hosting business. I decided to give them a try after being locked into a another hosting service in which I will not name. Lets just say, they left something to be desired. The customer support was absolutely atrocious. Whenever I needed them, they would let the ticket remain open for days on end. Finally, I had enough of them and desired to seek out a better option (hopefully).

    Thankfully, I was pointed in their direction due to my friend using them and having a great experience. I had heard that before from my previous host and one of my friends. So I didn’t really expect much. But after using them for the last 3 months and having numerous questions answered almost immediately, I honestly saw that they are one of the good guys in the industry. They did everything that I wanted out of a hosting service and I would have to say that they are very good at what they do.

    I have not experienced any down town since switching over from my previous service. That was a huge change for me as my other host had me down more than 15% of the time. Also, they gave me a lot of credit when signing up to utilize Google Adwords.

    All in all, I would recommend switching to them if you are tired of dealing with horrible hosting companies and having tons of billing issues. I haven’t had one billing mishap since switching and everything has been smooth sailing. I for sure will be sticking with them when my hosting service plan ends because my experience has been extremely positive – to say the least. If you are in need of a new hosting provider, I would say absolutely go for it.

  7. Reply Sadarangani December 18, 2014 at 9:44 am

    About 4 months ago, I made the decision to leave my (at the time) current hosting service. They were a decent service, but I began to experience a lot of problems with them when it was about time to renew. I decided not to stick with them due to the persistent billing issues I was having.

    I was in search of the top hosting providers and I came across this one. I had heard of them before, but I never really dug deeper. It turns out that not only are they an extremely well known and well respected hosting company, but they are also one of the least expensive hosting companies out there. Needless to say, I was excited but a little reserved. I knew that hosting companies typically are great until they get your money.

    As time past by, I realized that I never had to deal with any type of billing issues, or any type of down time at all. In fact, things were so smooth that I had forgot who my hosting provider was at one point. I simply never needed to access the account or ask any support questions because everything was working as expected.

    Needless to say, I am writing this review to let others know about the amazing experience that I have had with them. Honestly, I have never experienced such a smooth hosting company in terms of support and actual performance. Not only do they keep your website up, running, and in business, but they also have an excellent support team. I remember it took me less than a couple hours to get everything transferred over and rolling from my previous hosting company. All in all, I would recommend them over just about nay other hosting company out there. They are that good.

  8. Reply Maximus October 14, 2014 at 11:10 am

    What the hell is this host! Go to install WordPress and get redirected to some third party site to install everything. What happened to the free solution like Softaculous. I don’t know whether to continue and try to figure all this out, or just refund and find another host that is more “normal”!!!! I don’t need any fancy third party site trying to sell me themes or anything like that. I want a quick 20 second solution to install what I want. Not impressed at all, and first impressions count for alot in my book.

  9. Reply Mark September 21, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    I have had very few problems lately (which contrasts to several long downtimes at the beginning of the year) so Bluehost seems to have got their act together a fair bit. I can only give them a 3 star rating at this time, but hopefully they will continue to get my trust back from all the issues at the beginning of the year. My current hosting expires in a few months, and I will most likely look around. Seems to be great details when moving to a new host, so will probably take advantage of this.

  10. Reply PJ Foley July 6, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    Went to bluehost for a mix of WordPress and custom sites. So far have been impressed. I was hoping I could use more than one instance of services such as cloudflare without paying a la carte, but I can’t really complain with the pricing being as low as it is.

  11. Reply Eric January 12, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    I like BlueHost as well, While no hosting company can actually offer unlimited band width, They are really is doing a good job trying to. I’m hosting a high traffic (6000+ unique visitors a day) blog, and not for once have they complained.

  12. Reply Jake January 12, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    They are great choice for anyone looking to host a website or two. They are reliable, affordable, and they have integrated cloudflare, which is great if you are looking to build a popular website on a shared hosting account.

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