GoDaddy Appoints MEC For Global Media Campaign


On 12th December 2015 GoDaddy appointed MEC as its global media agency of record, awarding its global media, digital analytics and insight businesses all to the agency. 

GoDaddy has already worked with MEC in India since March 2014, but this deal sees them expanding that partnership to include all global markets. The business will be run out of MEC New York, with the San Francisco office providing support.

The appointment of MEC is thought to be another stage in GoDaddy’s focus on small businesses, which began largely in 2014. In its third quarter, GoDaddy upped its revenue by 15.2%; they slightly exceeded Wall Street’s expectations of $373 million turnover, making $376 million.

Interestingly, GoDaddy’s ventures into other business tools, such as marketing and bookkeeping proved successful, with profits up 53% since 2014, making this their fastest growing area. However, web hosting still provides the majority of the revenue, with profits from domain names up 10% and web hosting 21%.

Now, GoDaddy are looking to expand globally even more, and the partnership with MEC is clearly geared towards this. GoDaddy Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Digital Commerce, Phil Bienert, said:

“Our decision to move GoDaddy’s media business to MEC is a natural step as GoDaddy expands our business globally. We looked for a strong partner with local media expertise and global technology and tools to help drive forward our efforts to reach small businesses at the right time with the right medium.”

MEC is the fifth largest media agency network in the world, and their clients have of course included Netflix, Chanel and Vodafone. With their expertise, and array of regional headquarters in London, Dubai, New York, San Francisco and Singapore, they should provide GoDaddy with a level of marketing it hasn’t seen before.

Chief Executive of MEC North America said:

 “GoDaddy is a brand that has been bold in both its approach and determination to reach and engage its customers. We are energised by the company’s ambitious drive globally and excited by the challenge to deliver creative media solutions built for today’s digitally-enabled world.”

GoDaddy AdvertsThe appointment of MEC marks a great move away from those Super Bowl adverts, and also a move towards GoDaddy working on a much more global scale. Though the company has expanded its revenue in recent years, it has a long way to go – and is hoping MEC can help with the journey.

In 2015, GoDaddy has over 13 million customers worldwide, and operates in 42 markets and 37 countries around the world. However, they said they want to expand into 60 markets and 52 countries in over 30 languages between 2014 and 2016. According to Kantar Media, GoDaddy spent $24.7 million on marketing in the US last year, as they tried to expand.

Though GoDaddy clearly has some work to do, their revenue is growing – and the appointment of MEC as their media agency of record can only help. The company topped 4 million overseas customers in 2015 and seem set to expand more. Time will tell what media and advertising strategy MEC implement for GoDaddy, but we can probably rest assured that those Super Bowl trailers are gone for good.

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