GoDaddy Appoints Steven Aldrich As Chief Product Officer

Steven AldrichGoDaddy has become the largest technology provider to small businesses, and they announced on 14th January 2016 that they have appointed Steven Aldrich as Chief Product Officer. In the newly created position of CPO, Aldrich will lead overall product strategy and development across GoDaddy’s Hosting, Presence and Commerce, and also Business Application groups.

Aldrich will be responsible for the development of the company through delivering even better experiences for existing customer, encouraging new customers to join the company, and also identifying new products and services that can expand GoDaddy’s reach into the market of web services for small businesses.

GoDaddy Chief Executive Officer, Black Irving, said of Aldrich’s appointment:

“I’m ecstatic to take on this new position and expand my work with the incredible team of engineers and product experts at GoDaddy. With over 13 million customers worldwide, GoDaddy manages one of the largest platforms in the world dedicated to small businesses and we’re uniquely positioned to deliver the next generation of cloud-based products that enable people to fulfil their dreams.”

Aldrich first joined the GoDaddy company in July 2012, when he was appointed as a senior vice president of Business Applications, where since his inauguration into the business he has been a leader in the introduction of several cornerstone products including Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy and also the GoDaddy Email Marketing service.

Before Aldrich joined GoDaddy, he worked at the American software company, Inuit. This company develops financial and tax preparation software and other related services for small businesses, accountants and also individuals.

At Intuit, Aldrich headed teams that delivered many small business offerings, which included financial management, website, payments, customer management, and point of sale solutions. Also, he also has small business experience, being the founder of an online company that simplified shopping for insurance: this company is called Outright, and it works to streamline the work of running a small business.

In 2012, Outright was acquired by GoDaddy but initially began as a much smaller venture. The business started because the two co-founders, Kevin Reeth and Ben Curren left Intuit to make their own businesses, and they struggled with organising all the data needed to keep the businesses up and running.

They said on their website:

“Some of the data was in PayPal, the rest was in bank accounts and spreadsheets, it didn’t make any sense, that all of that data was available but in distinct accounts and formats – we needed it in ONE place to be useful.”

This was a problem that they saw mirrored in a lot of other small businesses, who all spent too much time and effort on organising their data and keeping it safe. So, they decided to start a company to help this problem: that company became Outright. After Outright was acquired by GoDaddy, this allowed the company to expand more and more, till now they help over 25 million small businesses and, in fact, had over 200, 000 customers signing up the first day that they began in 2008.

When GoDaddy acquired Outright in 2012, this gave them and Aldrich the opportunity to expand their company even more, and also gave Aldrich the chance to explore other work at GoDaddy, as well as being CEO of Outright.

Now, with his new job as CPO for GoDaddy, Aldrich looks set to carry on developing the company and also continuing his efforts to help small businesses through making them able to use their online presence to further their business. This marks a new step for GoDaddy, and also for Aldrich’s career, as well as possibly his other company, Outright.

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