GoDaddy acquires FreedomVoice to provide communication services to small business


GoDaddy announced Tuesday that they had acquired FreedomVoice, the cloud-based communications company, for a sum of $42 million in cash and up to $5 million in future milestone payments. The acquisition will allow GoDaddy to offer new communication services to small business in a move that continues to diversify its offerings away from pure web hosting and domain services to being a more comprehensive technology provider.

FreedomVoice markets themselves as the “The Voice of Small Business™”. They offer a suite of services including cloud numbers and cloud-based telephone systems, along with a comprehensive team of experts to help ensure the needs of small business are met.

GoDaddy has 14 million customers and many of them have struggled to find affordable and simple telephony solutions,” said Steven Aldrich, Chief Product Officer, GoDaddy. “FreedomVoice is a natural fit with GoDaddy as we both share a common goal: to harness the power of the cloud to deliver products that fit the specific needs of small businesses, coupled with customized, empathetic customer care.

FreedomVoice CEO, Eric Thomas will become the Telephone Revenue and Integration Office at GoDaddy.

At FreedomVoice our mission has always been to help companies start, run and grow, and we’re ecstatic to join GoDaddy who is just as passionate about helping small businesses succeed,” said Thomas. “There is great synergy between our companies and our team can’t wait to get started on delivering the next generation of voice to small businesses around the world.

FreedomVoice will fall under the new Telephony business unit that will oversee GoDaddy’s communication products strategy. This unit will be led by Barry Saik, who recently joined the company as General Manager and Senior Vice President of Telephony. It will continue to be based in Encinitas, California.

FreedomVoice Services

We take a look at the three services offered by the company. It is unknown at this time whether any of the services will be repackaged for the GoDaddy marketplace, but the announcement indicates that FreedomVoice will continue under its original brand name, through its own online presence, and via other partners.


CloudNumber is either an 800 number or local virtual phone number in any area code. It allows you to manage your business calls from anywhere by routing them to your mobile phone, retaining your business number as your Caller ID. Furthermore, you can use their iOS or Android app to check voicemail and faxes, no matter your location.

Plans for CloudNumber start at $9.95 per month, with 400 included minutes:

cloudnumber plans


CloudPhone is altogether a more comprehensive phone system. You can hire enterprise-quality hosted VoIP phones to use with your CloudNumber. The phones work with your internet connection, and can be setup within minutes.

Prices start from $29.95 per month per phone:

Cloud Hosted VoIP Phone Service


CloudPBX is their scalable cloud-based business phone system. With unlimited domestic telephone calls, higher voice quality and redundancy built-in to ensure reliability this is a system that is designed for larger businesses who need scalable infrastructure. The service also comes with a whole host of other premium features.

FreedomVoice has partnered with Polycom to offer a range of high-quality phones and accessories, including business media phones, desk IP phones, cordless phones and conferencing systems.

No pricing information is available for this service, as they will work with you to provide a custom solution.

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