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We have the latest and best coupons \ offers available to ensure you can get a great introductory price, which coupled with their excellent pricing on longer terms can result in some serious savings. is a relatively new host, only being around for a couple of years, and one which we have only recently reviewed.  That being said, they are gaining a reputation for \ Windows hosting.  As such, they are a hosting provider that you might want to consider if you need Windows Hosting.

Of course, from time to time we may have some special promo codes or other offers, so definitely worth checking them out below.

New Promo Codes for October 2016

There are a few great deals that you can grab this October, which can give you some great discounts on both their standard hosting plans or their premium SSD hosting plans.  Certainly, if your budget can stretch that far, we would recommend going with SSD storage.

The promo code below will take you to their site which will show all their offers.

How to use your Discount Codes

1. Click the Promo Code above

When you click either the “Buy hosting” or “Reveal Coupon” button above it will take you to the site.  The offer is link activated so you can ignore the actual coupon as it simply says “Link Activation”.  You will see that when the new browser window opens the discounts are automatically applied.  For the discount pricing, just scroll down the page a little to see the pricing tables showing the offers:

Host4ASP.NET promo codes

2. Choose Your Plan

At the bottom of the pricing table, you will see some “Get Started” buttons.  Just click this for your chosen plan, noting that in the footer you can choose further their SSD or Hong Kong hosting plans.  We would recommend their Advance SSD plan if you want a little better performance.

3.  Choose your Domain Name

Having chosen your required plan, you will then be taken to the Domain configuration screen as shown below: choose domain name

You have a couple of choices here.  You can either purchase a new domain for a fairly reasonable $12.95 or you can point an existing domain at the hosting server.  We recommend in most cases that it is better to purchase your domain independently (we recommend Namecheap for this) as it gives you great control over your domain should you ever get into a dispute with your hosting provider.

In this quick tutorial, we will enter a domain that we already have.

Also, at the bottom of this page, you will see notice of their 30-day money back guarantee.  Any domain you purchase will not be entitled to a refund.

4.  Enter Billing information, confirm add-ons and complete order

The final page contains quite a fair amount of information.  At the top, you will need to enter your personal details, and at the bottom the payment information.  What is of more interest are the Confirm Order box and the SSL Certificate box as this requires you to make some choices.

The following add-ons are available:

  • Choice of data center – between the US and Hong Kong
  • Automated backups – This is quite good as there is an increasing trend to add backups as an add-on, something that many hosts include as standard.  Backups are essential, but in particular, regardless of what backups arranged via your hosting provider, we always recommend having off-site backups.
  • SSD Storage – Until we saw the order section we didn’t realise that you could simply opt for this as they do have another page linked in their footer all about their SSD hosting plans.  We think this is a great thing to have, as it can significantly speed up your site (especially database driven sites).
  • Dedicated IP – You may want this if you have an SSL certificate.
  • Site Migration – It is quite interesting that they do not include the migration of at least one site for free.  $30 for a site migration is not unreasonable, but it makes it tough to try them out as this fee would not typically be included in a money back guarantee.
  • SSL Certificate – For a standard SSL certificate they charge $59.99 which is pretty pricey compared to purchasing it independently.

You can see a screenshot of the addons section below: coupon finalize order

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