Hostgator Coupons + Promo Codes

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We have some great Hostgator Coupons to share this October enabling you to get up to 25% off their hosting plans.

They were for a long time highly recommended by us, but ever since they were purchased by EIG in 2012 they seemed to have lost some of that magic touch, especially in the support department (you might want to check our Hostgator Review about that!). Certainly though, they are very aggressive with their pricing and love nothing more to create promotions for various reasons. For that reason, it is always relatively easy to find some Discounts on their Hosting, so it is always worth checking back here to see if there are some really good deals to be had.

New Hostgator Promo Codes for October 2016

We have a couple of new discount codes this month enabling you to save a significant amount

  • 25% off Shared Hosting – This Coupon is recommended if you are willing to pay for at least a year in advance, as it will give you 25% off the entirety of your first invoice. This is also the most popular offer, and when combined with standard discounts for paying for a longer term it can make it the most effective way to buy your web hosting services.
  • $9.94 off – While we do not recommend paying monthly due to the increased pricing structure, this is one of the best Offers for paying monthly as it lets you get hosting for just one cent. If you are unsure about them, or just simply want to test them out, then this is probably the best way forward.

How to Use your Coupon Codes

1. Click the required Promo Code above

When you click one of the Hostgator coupons above, the code will automatically be saved to your clipboard, and you will be taken to so you can start the ordering process. Ordering hosting with them does not take that long (just a few minutes), and the setup is almost instant so you will soon be able to log in and start managing your website.

2. Choose your hosting plan.

hostgator coupon codes

Once you have clicked to view the Shared Web Hosting Plans you will need to select your chosen plan. If you only ever intend to host one simple blogging site, then you can select the Hatchling plan. If you will need, more than one site then we would recommend the Baby Plan. If you will be doing e-commerce then you should choose the Business Plan to get a free dedicated IP and Free SSL certificate to ensure any money transactions etc that take place on your site is secure. hostgator promo codes

3. Complete your order information enter your Promo Code here:

hostgator coupon code As you can see, the Order Wizard has all the different options questions on just one page, unlike other hosting providers which have the order process over several pages. This actually makes it quite easy to see the plan you are ordering and check that all the details you have entered is correct. One thing that we would particularly like to point out is the addons. You will see in our screenshot above there is the option for Sitelock, Codeguard and Search Engine visibility. Sitelock is usually $99 per month if you buy directly, but only $1.67 per month if you go via Hostgator. Don’t be fooled though, they only include the scanning component, not the Removal, Web Application Firewall, DDoS Protection or the SiteLock CDN that accelerates your site. This is what SiteLock had to say:

HostGator only offers our scanning at a discounted rate. Depending on which product of ours your are inquiring about. We do three main things here at SiteLock. FInd, fix, and prevent. The find is our scanners that scan and report, they also have a malware removal tool. The fix is our engineers that manually clean sites. Then our prevent is our web application firewall that will prevent issues and accelerate your site. When you have all three we take care of the website security for you and you will receive unlimited site cleans. You can also get these products individually.

Codeguard is a third party backup facility that usually costs $5 per month for one site for WordPress. As you can see this is considerably cheaper than buying direct, and as a previous user of Codeguard something that we highly recommend. However, if you update your site regularly, i.e. several times per day, for just $15 per month we would recommend Vaultpress as this will backup your site hourly (they also have a daily plan for $5 per month), and even allow you to restore to a difference server should the need arise. We use Vaultpress ourselves for the hourly backups, and have used it on multiple occasions to restore to a previous version. As for the SEO visibility plugin, we would just recommend configuring Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, and adding your sitemap to them. You may see one already in there with a comment that “You have chosen our most valuable coupon!”. This is not true. Our promo code you copied above is much more valuable. Simply delete the default code, right click in the box and click paste to enter the new code. Once you are done, click continue to Step 2.

Datacenter Location

Datacenters are located in Houston Texas at CyrusOne’s Houston West Facility and Provo Utah at Ace Data Center. There is no option to choose which datacenter you wish to use, but it may be worth checking with them on live chat that one is currently being assigned new accounts. Certainly, if you have a Worldwide audience or even just some European users, then you may want to try and host in the Texas Datacenter, which has better connectivity for that purpose.

4. Complete billing information, and create your account.

Enter your billing information, choose a billing cycle. Select or deselect any addons, and then create your account. To make the most of your coupons we highly recommend paying for at least a year when you order, especially bearing in mind their 45 day money back guarantee.