Hostmonster Coupons + Promo Codes

If you were not aware, Hostmonster, Bluehost and Justhost all share the same management and support team and we now believe that includes Hostgator.  We have managed to obtain exclusive offers for all the different brands and whilst our Hostmonster Coupons are pretty good because Justhost historically suffered from a bad reputation before being purchased by EIG you will find that the cheapest option out of the three companies.

We therefore don’t know why you would choose Hostmonster over Justhost, as they are the same company, but if you do wish to go with them you will find our Hostmonster Coupons below.

New Hostmonster Promo Codes for October 2016

We have a couple of great Hostmonster Promo Codes this October, that will enable you to save a fairly nice sum both off their Shared Hosting, but also their VPS hosting as well.

  • $2 per month off shared hosting – They are now offering Best Host News readers a great promotional rate of $3.99 pm month, rather than their usual renewal rate of $5.99.
  • 50% off VPS Hosting – This is a great offer that allows you to try out their VPS plans for 50% off the first month.

How to use your Hostmonster Discount Codes

We have created this quick tutorial to walk you through the process of signing up with our Hostmonster Coupons, so that you can be sure the deal you are getting is the best possible one.

1. Click one of  the required Hostmonster Coupons above:

As we mentioned above, when you click the link it will take you to Hostmonster website.  The Hostmonster Promo Codes we offer on this site are actually link activated, so you will not need to specifically paste the code anywhere, but instead the offers will automatically show on their website.  This makes it really easy to take advantage of our Discount Codes.

2. Sign up

Hostmonster Promo code

To start simply click the “Sign up now” button on their homepage. You should already see the Hostmonster promotional price shown above the Sign Up button as shown in the image above as the Hostgator Coupon you clicked above will have automatically activated the offer.

3. Choose Your Plan

The next stage is to choose the hosting plan you require.  You have a choice between the Starter, Plus or Business Pro Plan.  At the top you will see the Promotional rates being offered, and the price that the hosting will revert to subsequently.  There are some extra features for the higher priced plans that you may wish to consider,including a Global CDN and SpamExperts for the Plus Plan, and in addition dedicated IP, domain privacy, SiteBackup Pro as well as “High Performance”, although it is not exactly clear what the High Performance means in terms of the boost in performance.  Certainly, many other hosts will provide Cloudflare CDN integration and email spam control as standard.

If you just need up to 5 websites we recommend starting off with the “Starter” plan:

hostmonster coupon

Once you have chosen your required plan, click on the green “SELECT” button to proceed further.

3. Complete your domain information:

Hostmonster Promo Code Choose Domain

The next stage is to enter your domain information.  If you wish to take advantage of your free domain then you can enter it at this stage under “I Need a Domain name”.  Please note that if you subsequently seek a refund, then any free domain will be deducted from the amount returned at a cost of $14.99.  If you already have a domain, you can enter it in the right hand box, and then click “Next”.

4. Complete billing information, Review your Package and any addons, and create your account.

Enter your billing information, choose a billing cycle. Select or deselect any addons, and then create your account. As you can see Hostmonster is pretty pricey unless you sign up for a longer period.  We have only included a section of the screenshot that shows the addons below:

Hostmonster Promo Code Choose Domain

You can find out a little more about each of the addons by clicking the “More Information” link shown in yellow.  Having a good backup policy for your website is always a good idea, but we highly recommend you consider offsite third party backups.   If you use WordPress we can highly recommend Vaultpress.

Their Search Engine Jumpstart plan looks to be the service offered by their SEO Gears website.  SEO Gears is a brand that appears to solely market to EIG’s hosting brands.  For $14.99 you seem to get access to an E-Book as well as some SEO tools, although we are unsure as to what these tools actually are.  Certainly, looking at the other services offered by SEO Gears and the fact they don’t offer these services elsewhere that we can tell, it would imply that they will try to upsell those services to existing customers, in particular to those who sign up for the basic service.  Unfortunately we do not have any Hostmonster Coupons for any of the addons.

Datacenter location

Hostmonster’s datacenter is located in Provo, Utah.  You will see from the map below that this is located towards the west of the United States, and whilst this will have good connectivity all over the US, it might not be your best choice if you have a lot of European traffic.

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