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  • Published on: September 21, 2013
  • Last modified: November 25, 2014
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Our Hostnine Review

Hostninehostnine reviews shares the same same management, servers and support team as their sister company A Small Orange.  Both these companies really are a hidden gem, in that they offer affordability whilst providing exceptional service, which is why you will find this Hostnine Review very positive.  Whilst Hostnine has had a few minor downtime issues at the beginning of 2014, the last 5-6 months (as at September 2014) have offered near perfect uptime making them more reliable than most.

Although their support has slightly slower response times (15-30 minutes, rather than a couple of minutes) than our favorite shared host, SiteGround, we have found the help and assistance offered by Hostnine exceptional, and in some cases far better. We typically tend to be quite demanding of the support due to some of the complex projects we tend to undertake, and Hostnine are always willing to help \ do migrations and generally go above and beyond what we expect.  This is one of the main points reflected in the User based Hostnine Reviews in the comments below.

Hostnine Reviews – Summary

What we like about Hostnine

  • Great Support – One of the main things we like about them is their excellent support – we really cannot stress this enough!. We host this site with Hostnine, as well as many others, and have always found them to go to great lengths to help with things, even if technically it is not their responsibility to do so (i.e. help with .htaccess redirects), third party SSL installation etc.  Truly, this is where Hostnine really shine.
  • Telephone Support – If you live in the US, you can get support during office hours during the week by telephone.
  • Great Price – Hostnine’s entry price level on their shared hosting for the features, support and reliablity is hard to beat. Of course there are some other good companies around, and whilst they can be relatively competitive on price for the initial sign-up period when using our coupons, their renewal price cannot really compete with Hostnine.
  • Extremely Reliable – We have found Hostnine to be extremely reliable, with ourselves experiencing a 100% uptime over the last 5/6 months (as at September 2014).
  • CPanel – Hostnine use the standard cPanel. We always recommend going with a host that uses cPanel, as it is extremely easy to move hosts should you ever need to. In fact, many hosts will move your site for you if you use cPanel.
  • Softaculous installer – This is our preferred installer and makes it very simple to install WordPress, Joomla as well as hundreds of other scripts.  For WordPress it also includes rolling backup functionality for your site.
  • 45 day money back guarantee – Whilst not the longest money back period, 45 days should be more than enough to decide whether Hostnine is for you.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee – Whilst we have never needed to claim on this guarantee, they will give you one day of credit for each hour of downtime should you qualify.
  • Great Upgrade Path – Another great thing is the ability to upgrade to some extremely well priced VPS servers should you need to.  Although, to be honest we use some pretty CPU intensive WordPress plugins on some of the sites we manage, and have never received notification that we are using too many resources (unlike some other hosts we have used who may just switch off your site without warning).

What we don’t like about Hostnine

  • No choice of server location for Basic plan – This is not really a negative, but you should be aware that their basic shared hosting plan does not give a choice of server location. Whilst this is not a problem if you live in the US, if you live in the UK, or Europe you will need their “Business Plan”, which costs a couple of dollars a month more.

Hostnine Review – The Different Plans

We have highlighted the main differences between the various Hostnine Shared Hosting Plans. The Prices are based on paying for 3 years with our standard Hostnine Coupon. Check our Hostnine Coupons page for the latest coupons, as we do get notified of exclusive discounts from time to time.

No. of Domains 1 100 100
Server Locations US US, UK, SG, NL US, UK, SG, NL
Dedicated IP +$2 /month +$2 /month Included
SSL Certificate + $39.95 /year + $39.95 /year Included
Free Domain No No Included
Price PM (3 years) (with 15% Coupon) $2.08 $4.21 $6.33

All the shared hosting plans feature state of the art data protection and backup, with Raid-1/10 protected local storage (Mirrored storage), as well as being backed up to remote servers using R1Soft. In addition, Hostnine features the following amongst many other features:

  • SSH Access (requires a static IP)
  • RvSiteBuilder
  • Softaculous Script Installer
  • PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl 5, Javascript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • CGI-bin
  • Zend & Ioncube

Hostnine Reviews – Final Thoughts

A+ Recommended

The bad things we had to say are very minor issues, and in most cases not even relevant. Certainly, we would highly recommend them for your hosting needs particularly due to the excellent support, and the pricing levels of the different plans. Not only that, but there is an excellent upgrade path to their VPS or dedicated servers (we host this site, along with several others, on their VPS).

Reliability is extremely good, and we have experienced no downtime on the shared hosting accounts we run, and indeed this has been confirmed by several of our readers in the Hostnine Reviews they have left.

For all these reasons we recommend using Hostnine Hosting for shared hosting, but you will see from our other Hostnine reviews that they are our top host for Reseller and VPS hosting.

Also, don’t forget to check out the User based Hostnine Reviews in the comments below.


Hostnine was founded in 2006 and quickly made a buzz within the web hosting community for their excellent support. It didn’t take long to be noticed and in 2012 was bought up by EIG, although they retained their old management team.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars
User rating
Rated 4.07 stars


  1. Harriet T says5

    My experience with Hostnine has been a very happy one. I’ve been using their services for 3 years now, and aside from the annoying downtime from time to time, overall they have been very solid. I am very grateful for reading the editor review in which the customer support of Hostnine is given much praise. Their unmatched customer support is actually the reason why I’ve stayed with them for so long. Their support staff used to respond to my queries within 15 minutes, but during the last few months, I’ve noticed that it takes them longer, around an hour at most.

    That doesn’t bother me much, though, because that’s still quite fast. Hostnine uses SSD caching, making it very fast and I’ve never had troubles with overuse of resources. Well, my website only gets 50-100 visitors daily so I don’t imagine I’ll be having problems with that. Coupled with Cloudflare and W3 Total Cache, you’re going to be surprised at the speed of your website. Not to mention, the affordable price makes them one of the best deals you can get.

  2. Angelina Marcs says5

    Recently, I decided to change my hosting providers because I was not satisfied with the rates that I was getting. I knew it was time to make the change and that is when I came across Hostnine as a potential solution for my conundrum. They seemed like the right fit, so I decided to go with them as I moved to another hosting provider. Let’s take a look at whether or not they were good enough for me. There are many solutions online and only a few that get the job done, so I had to make sure this worked out in my favor.

    Beginning with the first advantage of this solution, you have to realize there are a series of packages on offer. This is excellent because not everyone is going to want to get the same package and this provides a bit more of a personalized feel to the entire service that is often not there with others.

    I hate hosting providers that are poor with their performance in terms of memory options and speed. There is nothing worse than this because of the money that is being paid to use their service in the first place. If their servers are not up to speed, I do not want to be with them. This was not a problem at all with Hostnine.

    The support was great and that is something I feel everyone should take a look at. If the support is not good, the entire service is not going to be good either. These things usually end up working hand in hand.

    Were there any issues that I would like to bring up? I would say that there were a few times where it went down for a few minutes, but that is rare and now it does not even happen. They have tightened up their servers and made sure the systems are flawless now.

    In the end, the downtime issues have been sorted out and they are a thing of the past with this service provider. They are generally quite relied upon now and looked highly at by those who are in this business as a whole. It is a hosting provider that has done the trick for me and I could not be more satisfied with the performance as a whole. It truly does get the job done and I would never go with anything else ever again.

  3. Matilda Miles says4

    For seven years I’ve had Hostnine hosting service. My experience overall has been great. Of course there will be hiccups along the way with things such as maintenance outages and DOS attacks. That can happen with any company. They are to be expected, particularly when you haven’t worked in the website business for very long.

    I have my main site hosted there along with several of my most important clients. Whenever I need support, there are two things that are really killer about Hostnine. The first one is their live chat. Usually you get someone within several minutes, particularly when you try getting hold of them during the later hours. Frequently they are able to figure out what’s going on. If not they get a ticket going for you. The second great feature that I love from Hostnine support is you can jut send an email to open up a support ticket. You receive a notification instantly that your ticket has been received into the system. Also, they always follow up.

    Their next great feature is their use of cPanel and basically no proprietary stupid junk software. If you’re familiar with cPanel already, then you won’t have any problem with Hostnine. They don’t ever tinker with it, or add extra junk and tabs. Everything is kept as simply as possibly.

    I strongly recommend their service. Like with any company or service, you get out what you put in. You won’t have any problems with them, if you’re a hands on type.

  4. Elizabeth Day says5

    For seven years now, I’ve been using Hostnine to host, my main website which gets anywhere from 20-50k visitors each month. The two biggest reasons why I like Hostnine are their customer support and cPanel. Their live chat support is simply amazing: Just hit them up and they can resolve your problem in an instant especially if it isn’t too complex.

    You can also send a ticket easily by sending an email to You can expect to get a reply from them really quickly. I can vouch for this because I have tickets dating back to 7 years and all of them got resolved

  5. Micha says4

    Very good host. Very happy with their speed, and support but most of all the price is very good also. Heard many good things about their VPS too, so when the time is right I will most likely be upgrading to that.

  6. Alastair says5

    I am so thankful that I found Hostnine as they are one of the best hosts I have ever had. Their support is really helpful, and they have helped me sort out a few WordPress issues which I wouldn’t have been able to sort out on my own.

    Whilst their online chat support is very helpful (more so than other hosts I have encountered) they are not afraid to refer the issue on to a specialist who will within an hour or so get straight to the issue. I have found with other hosts, the online chat is terrible and the level 1 technician on the online help desk just doesn’t want to refer it to someone more capable, and constantly fumbles around suggesting irrelevant or other stupid things. Not only is Hostnine got intelligent front line support, but they don’t waste your time when they know it needs to be referred on.

    As for my Hostnine Review – Definitely recommend them!

  7. Patrick says5

    Originally I wasn’t sure about signing up with Hostnine, as there seems to be alot of fake reviews criticising them or going on about “avoid all EIG” companies. Well, based on your review I signed up and have nothing but praise for Hostnine. You are right when you say their Support is really good, and I haven’t had a single downtime since I signed up a couple of months ago. Plus, what surprises me most is that they are one of the cheapest hosts around if all you need is one site and willing to sign up for a few years. So thanks!

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