Move Your Domain Day 2016

Move Your Domain Day 2016

The annual Move Your Domain Day is fast approaching with the date set for the 2nd February 2016. This is an annual event run by Namecheap to encourage webmasters to move their domain away from their current domain name registrar in support of the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).  EFF’s whole premise is to fight for a free and open internet.

5th Annual Move Your Domain Day

The Move Your Domain Day event will take place on 2nd February in 2016, and it will be the latest step in the action take against SOPA-style legislation (the legislation that started all this back in 2011), but it will also mean that many people with their own websites can change their domain name registrar for a lower price that would otherwise be possible.

This will be the 5th annual Move Your Domain Day, and it for this event Namecheap will again be donating $1 for each domain transfer that they receive to The Electric Frontier Foundation; this will be an addition to the $300, 000 that Namecheap has already donated to the foundation through Move Your Domain Day over the years. It will be interesting to see what kind of response the 5th annual Move Your Domain Day meets, and how many people choose to move their domain.

Richard Kirkendall, CEO and Found of Namecheap commented:

We, like many good netizens, were mobilized to action by the potentially damaging proposals. The proposals included the taking down of entire domains/websites without any due process, the removal of Safe Harbor liability protection offered by DMCA and more. We and many others saw this as the first of many bills setting a dangerous precedent removing the right to internet freedom, the right to an open internet and the right to individual privacy.

The History of Move Your Domain Day

Move Your Domain Day was originally started in 2011 and was initially a response to the support by GoDaddy of the US Stop Online Piracy Act. The idea is thought to have originated from a post on Reddit when one user of the website claimed he was moving just over 50 domains away from GoDaddy in protest to their support for SOPA. Participants include Namecheap, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Reddit, and Hover.

The very first Move Your Domain Day in 2011 was a big success, with Namecheap saying in a press release afterwards that there had in fact been more than 27, 000 transfers. Notable shifts away from GoDaddy in this year were people such as CEO of the Cheezburger Network, Ben Huh, who threatened to move over a thousand domains from GoDaddy. The Wikimedia Foundation, who are behind Wikipedia, also announced they were moving all of its domains away from GoDaddy.

The plan for Move Your Domain Day over the last few years has been for many people to change their domains away from their current registrar, which may be GoDaddy or another one. Then, some of the profits gained from the transfers will go to The Electric Frontier Foundation (with the amount depending on the number of transfers), which contributes to a free and fair Internet.

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  1. Reply David February 3, 2016 at 8:09 am

    Namecheap need to make this a Move your domain week, myself and two colleagues were trying to move domains and their servers were crashing all day and night.

    I ended up just being pissed off with the company, support were useless which is not a good sign when you are joining a company.

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