Namecheap Celebrates 8 Years – A Little Update

namecheap first serverNamecheap Hosting has recently reached the fine age of 8 years.  In web hosting terms, this makes them one of the more established web hosting providers out there, and they have for long time been one of our recommended hosting providers.

To raise awareness of what they have achieved recently, and to highlight some of the things they have coming Namecheap wrote a fairly interesting blog post.

Amazingly, Namecheap still have their very first web server still online, although they are keen to note that it is now a testing server and they only keep servers active for 3 or 4 years.  You can see a image of their very first server above to the right. The photo was actually taken last year at their New York datacenter, although it is a shame there isn’t a slightly better photo of it.

Recent changes at Namecheap:

  • They have made their Dedicated Servers much more affordable.  Their entry level server is just $58.88 per month for 4 CPU cores, and 8GB of DDR3 RAM with 500 GB Standard Disk Storage.  As a word of caution, if you want cPanel, or any kind of management then this will come at an additional cost.  Therefore, you will find that once additional costs \ custom configurations are added you may find their pricing more in line with the industry standard.
  • They have upgraded the specs of their Reseller Hosting.  They currently have an offer where you can try their reseller hosting for just $1 for the first month.  You may wish to do this for testing purposes.  However, if you are happy with their service we recommend cancelling, and then signing up again with the benefit of our exclusive coupons.
  • They introduced an introductory shared hosting plan which costs just $9.88 for the first year.  We even picked up one of their shared hosting plans ourselves to use as a failover site.
  • They introduced a Transfer Concierge team that will help you migrate your websites over to Namecheap from another host.
  • They boast 100% Uptime as the norm with their services.  Of course every host has downtime, but Namecheap do seem to be fairly good at delivering that.  They also have anti-DDoS technology to help prevent downtime from malicious attacks.
  • They entered into a partnership with Verisign (Verisign operated two of the 13 Root servers) to improve DNS services.  A premium DNS product is on the horizon for later this year that will provide advanced DDoS protection.

Coming soon at Namecheap

  • SpamExperts to be introduced free of charge to all hosting plans.  At the present time only about 10% of Namecheap servers have it implemented, but the rollout is due to be complete by November.  With SpamExperts the amount of spam reaching your inbox is significantly reduced.
  • Updated Account Panel design.  It has been a while (January 2014) since the Namecheap website got its significant redesign and they have been indicated that the admin area was getting a refresh also for many months.  It looks like this is coming “SOON”, and will see a much better integration of their hosting services into the one control panel.
  • With the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses Namecheap has been working hard to ensure their services are fully compatable with the new IPv6 protocol.  At the present time they are testing their Dedicated Servers with IPv6 and hope to launch the new protocol soon.
  • New WordPress product.  It seems this is the hot new topic at the moment, with many hosting providers launching higher specification WordPress hosting.  Namecheap will be launching a beta signup later in the year, with it being based on the OpenStack cloud.
  • New Cloud product is coming based upon Openstack, the same system being designed for their WordPress hosting.
  • More locations are going to be launched, with a particular focus on offering Asia region locations.

As you can see, Namecheap are investing considerable resources into providing better more sophisticated services.  Exciting times.

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