Namecheap interviews EFF activisim director, Rainey Reitman

Namecheap Interviews EFF Activisim Director, Rainey Reitman

Move Your Domain Day takes place on Feb. 2, 2016, and is a yearly event that seeks to raise funds for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or EFF. As a keen supporter of the EFF, Namecheap has carried out a detailed interview with their Activism Director, Rainey Reitman.

Rather than duplicate the whole interview, which you will find here, we will summarize some of the main points raised:

  • Reitman is the activism director at the EFF and works on consumer privacy issues. She has been there for five years.
  • The EFF contains many teams, including a legal team that works on impact litigation, and technology team that helps build new technologies to help people protect their data online.
  • The Activism team focuses on educating the public about digital rights issues. For example, it will speak out against \ for any bills going through Congress that may affect people’s rights.
  • The Activism team not only focuses on new laws but also on old laws that may need updating.
  • One of their main tasks in recent years was fighting a cybersecurity bill that has “a lot of movement in Congress”. The bill was written in a way that was vague so as to provide methods to obtain user data via third party corporations.
  • The EFF has a deep grass roots network that enables them to engage the nation rapidly should something breaking happens or new opportunity shows up.
  • The EFF has a particular presence on college campuses, as students are a well-informed demographic who are not afraid to speak up.
  • The EFF appears to have a loose organizational structure with a consensus-driven model of decision making when coming to decisions on involvement.
  • The Activision team is a total of five and a half people, and they are currently hiring two more. Two specialize in copyright and intellectual property. Two new members will focus on surveillance and privacy issues. They also have an investigative reporter undertaking a broad range of tasks including privacy issues.
  • In the US, laws protecting public data are very piecemeal in that different laws cover different data in different situations. This means certain laws may be lagging behind what is needed.
  • EFF have an enormous online community that they use to get the word out about specific issues. This includes Reddit, Hacker News, Twitter, as well as working closely with tech journalists. Activists at the EFF are in many ways bloggers. They write about issues in a way that is easy to digest and publish it for the general public’s consumption.
  • EFF has much support from within the online gaming community, with the Humble Bundle community specifically praised.
  • There is currently a huge debate in the US about encryption. The EFF is seeing pressure from the FBI to create backdoors to people’s communications which make encryption less secure for everyone.

The EFF is a relatively small organization carrying out some vital work. We commend Namecheap’s efforts to support EFF, and would recommend supporting them via Namecheap’s “Move your domain day.”

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