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siteground reseller reviewsDon’t get us wrong, even SiteGround’s reseller hosting is pretty good, and at the price is quite an effective way to manage a client hosting account.  Resources are allocated for each account, rather than shared between all accounts like with their Cloud Hosting.  You can still impress by configuring the static cache or Cloudflare to increase performance.

It is just that one of the things that make SiteGround so great is the full SuperCacher, with dynamic RAM based Varnish & Memcached caching.  Furthermore, their Cloud offering now comes with HHVM, which could be a massive selling point to your clients.

We guess it will depend on your budget, but if you do have multiple clients then certainly the Cloud would be worth considering, noting however that as resources are shared between all cPanel accounts you will need to be careful with one client using more than their fair share of resources.  That being said, you can upgrade on demand, and even charge your clients a premium due to all the functionality it offers.

SiteGround are now known for “Premium” hosting with specialisms in WordPress and Joomla.  For more about the history of SiteGround, and the company generally please see our main Shared Hosting Review.

Reseller Hosting Plans

siteground reseller hosting creditsThe Reseller Programs works off a credit system.  The minimum initial order is just 5 credits, but you can then top up by just 1 credit after that as required.

The credits never expire, so once you have a credit you don’t have to activate it until you need it.

Whilst we initially were raving about their Cloud, the reseller hosting is a much more cost effective way to purchase standard (although with static supercacher and great support) hosting.

Plan Space Transfer Accounts OS Control Panel IP(S) Root Access Billing Software Price
1-4 Credits 10 GB Unlimited 1 Credit = 1 Account Linux cPanel 1 No None $4.08 per credit
5-10 Credits 10GB Unlimited 1 Credit = 1 Account Linux cPanel 1 No None $3.75 per credit
11+ Credits 10GB Unlimited 1 Credit = 1 Account Linux cPanel 1 No None $3.50 per credit

Highlighted Features

The Reseller Plan has the same features as their StartUp Plan and as such is more limited in resources (suitable for roughly 10,000 visitors monthly) and does not have any of the developer or advanced SuperCacher Dynamic Cache that makes their hosting so great.  A summary of the highlighted features is as follows:

  • WordPress & Joomla Toolkits – Automate simple tasks such as resetting admin passwords, fixing file permission issues, changing the domain address, or just deleting the installation.  These tools arose as a result of SiteGround support repeatedly being asked to solve the same issues faced by their customers.  By having access to these tools you too can help your customers easily and quickly. You can read more about the Toolkits here.
  • SuperCacher – The reseller plan comes with Static Varnish Caching as standard.
  • Cloudflare Railgun – This is one of our favorite things right now, and is particularly effective for caching the uncacheable.  What we mean is that certain sites are not cached very well, such as HTTPS, or Ecommerce sites.  What Cloudflare Railgun does is cache the page in its edge servers, and then only retrieve changes.  This means that pages that would not normally be cached, now are.  We use Railgun on this site with great results.

Account Management

The one major criticism that we have in our SiteGround Reseller Review is that that the account management aspects of their plans are quite limited. Indeed, it is definitely worth checking out their Resellers Guide in the knowledgebase before proceeding to ensure their is sufficient management functionality for your needs.

siteground reseller suspendThere is no integration with automated billing systems like WHMCS, and no real inbuilt system either.

Management of the accounts is by manually searching for the account in a list of all accounts you have purchased and limited to Purchase, Renew, Suspend, Unsuspend.  Other than that, there is the ability to setup a custom email with all the account details to be sent to the end user, but that is it.

In addition, there is no way to automatically restore cPanel backups, and thus if this was needed you would have to pay Siteground an additional fee to do this for you.

Indeed, this would be the case even with their Cloud Hosting, as that functionality is disabled in WHM.

Final Thoughts

We believe Siteground to be a really great host, but when it comes to Reseller Hosting we feel it just falls short, and not by just a little bit.

To be restricted to the basic plans, and have so few management functions, and indeed be forced to transfer or restore accounts manually or pay an additional fee will soon make things complicated and frustrating to manage, especially if you have many clients \ end user accounts.  We guess you could manually input the cPanel login details into a billing system such as WHMCS so there is some hope, but certainly much of the automation would have to be done manually.

The Cloud Hosting we feel would offer a more premium service, but again, the restricted WHM might not make it the most suitable either but at the end of the day you get the Support and Backup of SiteGround which is worth making a few compromises for.

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