Squarespace Sponsors Thursday Nights at Brooklyn Museum

Squarespace Sponsors Thursday Nights at Brooklyn Museum — The Official Squarespace Blog

Squarespace has announced it is sponsoring Thursday night events at Brooklyn Museum, in New York City, USA. The sponsorship deal means that Squarespace will be effectively giving free entry to the museum every Thursday night, between 6 pm and 10 pm.

These Thursday nights hosted by Squarespace will mean that many more people can gain access to all the unique collections and exhibitions which the Brooklyn Museum has to offer; they will also be able to access any special programming that is running at the museum during the Thursday night slot.

Brooklyn_MuseumThe guests will get to experience a range of events, such as talks by various speakers, performances, and even interactive workshops for children, on subjects ranging from history, art and science. Some of these workshops are for both children and adults, giving everyone a combined experience which is both informative and fun. Added to this, Squarespace have also arranged that selected Squarespace customers will have the chance to be integrated into the programming at the museum: this means they could be hosting workshops themselves, as well as attending them, or teaching classes.

Current exhibits which many customers might want to take advantage of include “Coney Island: Visions of an America Dreamland, 1861-2008”, and “Connecting Cultures: A World in Brooklyn.” These events are set to become a way for Squarespace to extend its aims of great design and culture into the local Brooklyn community.

When announcing the scheme on their website, Squarespace said:

“Beautiful design has been a guiding principle at Squarespace since day one. As a company that lives at the intersection of art and technology, we’re excited to support this vibrant, creative community with Thursday Nights hosted by Squarespace.”

This latest scheme from Squarespace will be welcome to many living in, or visiting, New York City, who haven’t been able to afford to go to many events at the Brooklyn Museum before. They can now experience all the great exhibits and culture the museum has to offer and could even experience new classes or talks hosted by those Squarespace customers selected to contribute to the museum’s program.

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