State of Site5 – January – March 2015 Update

state of site5 3 month updateIt has been a while since we last reported on the things Site5 have been up to, mainly because they have been saying the same things month after month in their monthly updates, which apart from being repetitive is also frustrating .  This is especially so when they keep promoting a new feature that might come at some point in the future, but is in testing for the last 12+ months without any real prospect of it going live (i.e. their new BackStage Client Relationship Management System).

Well, after 3 months (technically it is 6 months, but nothing really happened in the last 3 months of 2014) hopefully we can collate something a little more interesting for you:

New Servers in Paris, France

site5 hosting franceAt the end of January Site5 announced that they have added Paris as a new location for their hosting for Shared, Reseller and VPS (both Managed and Unmanaged).  As usual with most of their non-US locations, there is a monthly premium of $1 for shared hosting, with $2 more for Reseller hosting, and 10% more for VPS.

Whilst Site5 is not one of our favorite hosting providers, their policy of having many hosting locations is not only great for local SEO, but is great for managing redundancy.  Therefore, if one of their datacenters has network or power outage issues, then only a relatively small proportion of their customers will suffer disruption.  On a down side, it would mean they may have to use smaller datacenters which may or may not have the best network connectivity, although we are speculating here.

If you already host with Site5 then there will be a small fee if you wish to migrate your account to the new server.

New Billing and Backend System Launched

This has been the cause of a somewhat minor frustration over the last 18 months or so since we have been reporting on Site5 news and updates.  Every month they would report that this is “in progress”, and that it would be launched soon or that it was currently undergoing testing.  Well, as of March 2015 they have now put a call out for Beta Testers to actually test it, as the development project enters its final stages, even though they announced in January that it had been launched and that they were soon going to be rolling it out.  Despite the little conflict in reporting there on their part, it is good to see their 2 years of efforts on this project are finally coming to fruition.  We do wonder though, what additional value this will bring over something they could have bought at a fraction of the price and which many other hosting providers use, and without the ongoing maintenance hassle and expense.

Increased Security

As well as advising their clients on some third party vulnerabilities relating to WordPress, Site5 have been actively introducing measures to enforce great security for their servers.  From a new system for helping prevent HTTP attacks (DDoS) as well as a system for enforcing stronger passwords these are basic steps that should have been implemented a long time ago.

Of course, Site5 for security purposes can’t say exactly what the system they are putting in place to prevent HTTP attacks actually is, which is understandable.

Site5 Goes Green

Site5 have announced that they will be introducing a system of Carbon Offsets whereby they compensate third parties for their reduction in Carbon emissions, rather than reducing carbon emissions themselves.  This is more of a gimic than anything else, and we would rather see tangible things to reduce greenhouse emissions.  Unfortunately, many businesses latch on to doing it this way, so Site5 are not alone in that.

What Site5 has got going for it is that because the company as a whole all work from their own homes, this does reduce the carbon emissions from having to travel to and from work, as well as many other things.  But… is heating dozens of houses, multiple kettles, lights in each of these homes better than heating and lighting one office?  We think taking the travel element into account, it probably wins.

Still No Ruby Update

Whilst not specifically discussed in any of the Site5 Updates, it is a common question that is posted by customers on the posts themselves, often with much frustration.  Just check out:

Hello, we are still waiting support for RUBY 1.9+ any status ?

Redmine 3 is released and support only RUBY 1.9+

It was october 2013 when you talked about supporting RUBY 1.9 and 2.0. Please come with an ETA.

As you can see, this is an ongoing thing that has been going on for nearly 2 years, and with Site5 advertising themselves as being built for designers and developers we think this should have been given some priority.  Site5’s only response was to say “Yep, I am sorry for the delay but we don’t have an ETA currently.”!

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