Trover Partners with Google Maps and Google Places

Trover Partners with Google Maps and Google Places

Trover, which markets itself as the social network for travellers, announced on 13th January 2016 that it would partner with Google Maps to publish hundreds of thousands of users travel photos that cover 175 countries.

Trover was started in 2011, intended to be in part a gallery and in part a guidebook; a location-tagging and social-photo sharing experience that could connect people and also encourage more people to explore. Trover’s many users place photos of their travels on the website, and also updates of their travels, for other users to explore and observe.


People on Trover use the network to inspire each other and use the social network hashtag #TroveOn. Trover can be connected with via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ and you can also download the mobile apps on iTunes or Google Play.

Now, a feed from Trover’s community of travel photos will be streamed into Google Maps to showcase visually the coolest and most exciting parts of various spots around the world. Trover photos will be available for both mobile and desktop users of these Google services; the partnership will also be a drive for awareness and growth of the Trover community.

Jason Karas, CEO of Trover, said:

“Google Maps is the world’s most popular travel app and we are thrilled to see our community’s photos oven into their fantastic interface. Google Maps is the leader in combining geography, content, and technology into an intuitive customer experience. We’re honoured that Trover was becoming part of the magic that inspires over a billion Google Maps users to explore.”

Google Maps and Google Earth, both launched in 2005, are online map services and they are aimed at building a digital reflection of the physical world that is open, dynamic and easy for everyone to use; it is also designed for sharing.

These platforms combine many different sources of information; the final result is a multifaceted visualisation using satellite imagery, photos, Street View imagery, local business listings, user contributions and more. This provides users with the most accurate and comprehensive maps it is possible to provide users with on a computer or a mobile device.

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