WebHostingPad.com Launches Customer Rewards Program

WebHostingPad.com Launches Customer Rewards Program

Web Hosting Pad, a company that promotes itself as a provider of affordable web hosting services, has launched a brand new customer rewards program. The program is called “Pad Points”, and allows customers to gain points for just about everything that they do and buy in their account manager with Web Hosting Pad, including ordering new products and paying invoices.

This way, Web Hosting Pad customers can gain points during their time with Web Hosting Pad through purchasing any of the company’s offerings. There is also no limit to the number of points which an individual customer can build up, and every 100 Pad Points earned means that a customer can get $5.00 which “can be redeemed at any time” and “used for any new service or service renewal”.

Alex Rowley, WebHosting.com’s Marketing Director, said:

“We wanted to show customers that we appreciate their loyalty by more than just saying ‘hey, we appreciate your loyalty’. We thought, what better way than to give them opportunities to earn cash back. Our Pad Points program gives customers the opportunity to earn reward points for just about every interaction they have in our system. Even something as simple as logging in to earn points.”

When a customer gains points for their transactions in their Web Hosting Pad account, the points are stored in a credit account which can then be redeemed at any time through their Web Hosting Pad account.

Web Hosting Pad are not the first company to launch a loyalty program, with companies such as JaguarPC for example first launching their loyalty program back in 2008.  That being said, for a low-cost host like Web Hosting Pad that heavily discounts the first term, it will be a relief for loyal clients seeking to renew their services at a slightly higher rate.

Web Hosting Pad have not so far provided any details about which activity will constitute which amount of points, or indeed how much activity would be needed in a Web Hosting Pad account to gain the 100 points that can be redeemed for $5.00. We are reaching out to Web Hosting Pad for further clarification.

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