WP Engine Launch Safe One-Click WordPress Core Upgrades – 2015 Recap

Now Safely Upgrade WordPress Core With One Click – 2015 Recap

This post is part of a series focussing on the main changes and improvements made at WP Engine throughout 2015.

In August 2015, WP Engine introduced One-Click WordPress Core Upgrades to enable users to upgrade their WordPress websites in a more personalised way and one that fits their schedules and business ideas. 

The One-Click WordPress Core Upgrade is a development of another feature WP Engine released in the April of 2015; that change allowed all customers to see exactly what version of WordPress their site was running, and also enabled them to defer the upgrade to fit in with their plans.

Now, the One-Click WordPress core Upgrade takes this a step further and enables customers to upgrade their WordPress website to the latest version of WordPress whenever they want to. The new feature is available through the WP Engine User Portal and allows you to upgrade with only the click of a button.

WP Engine Upgrade

How It Works

Current WP Engine customers will already be aware that WP Engine manages updates using their Automatic Update Protection services and also by updating WordPress before their automatic updates. This is how the managing of updates works:

  1. Automation loads your WordPress website and tests everything to make sure that the website is working correctly before the update is carried out.
  2. WP Engine backs up your website, just in case anything goes wrong, or the new version has some incompatibilities with existing functionality \ plugins.
  3. Your WordPress site is then upgraded to the newest version of WordPress core.
  4. Once the website has been updated, the automation reloads the website and then tests are once again done on the site to make sure everything in WordPress core is working normally.
  5. If something is found in the install that is not working correctly after the update has been done, then the WP Engine automation immediately reverts the website to the previous WordPress version and tests it once again to make sure it is working as it was before the update.
  6. Finally, if nothing is found to be wrong after the update, the automation immediately sends an email to the customer letting them know that if the upgrade succeeded or failed, and what steps they might need to take next.

When customers run the One-Click WordPress Core Upgrade, they will be able to run the same process as this automation, but whenever they want to. Rather than waiting for WP Engine to upgrade their website, and being only able to defer an update when they want to, now WP Engine customers can instigate an update as well.

This new button also makes it much easier to keep multiple website up to date: many WP Engine customers have many websites that they need to keep updating and keep tabs on, and so the One-Click WordPress Core Update makes this much easier. Now, customers don’t have to log in to every single install to upgrade each one: instead, they just click the button in the User Portal to upgrade each one. This saves time and makes the process of updating many installs much easier.

WP Engine also released this feature to coincide with the launch of WordPress 4.3, which meant that many customers were able to upgrade instantly their WordPress websites and make sure they were running the latest version of WordPress almost immediately.WP Engine WP 4.3

This once again shows WP Engine making their customers’ lives easier, introducing features that are not just technological advancement, but which are specially designed to make it easier for people to manage their presence on the Internet. This launch was another great change made in 2015 at WP Engine, and one which should make many peoples’ lives easier, and their websites more easily updated.

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