Report: WP Engine Leads WordPress Charge


WP Engine has announced that a report was conducted by the firm 451 Research; they are a research firm who focus on the business of enterprise IT innovation. The report is called WP Engine Helps to Push the Managed WordPress Hosting Model into the Enterprise and concludes that WP Engine has been a major player in the expansion of Managed WordPress hosting for larger Enterprises.

The report also talked about how WP Engine has been a significant influence on WordPress’s readiness, through their expertise and also their contributions to the development of WordPress and their customer-inspired approach to support and service.

The 451 report stated:

“WP Engine is a leader in the managed WordPress hosting space. Through its expertise, its platform, its innovation and its contribution to the broader WordPress community, WP Engine is influencing enterprise adoption of WordPress.”

The report continues:

“WP Engine is among the most notable players in the managed WordPress regarding its size, the technology it has developed, the contributions it has made to the WordPress community, its ability to support the platform and the types of customers it has been able to attract.”

The 451 report also states that WP Engine is becoming a trailblazer in the enterprise of WordPress through “expertise  in operating WordPress, the performance of its platform, and its reputation and exposure with the WordPress open source community.”

WP Engine said on their blog:

“We strive to be significant contributors to WordPress core and to be involved in WordPress’ overall development, which helps us innovate and iterate on our own platform while staying in sync with the needs of the greater WordPress community.”

The report also adds that the levels of WP WP Engine ReportEngine proficiency with WordPress
differentiates WP Engine in the growing and increasingly competitive market of Managed WordPress hosting.

They specialize in WordPress, which makes them able to give their customers a world-class support and service experience; this is an experience that empowers them to focus on their business and on building their brands while we take on the server and WordPress management and support.

The level of attention that WP Engine has placed on WordPress has made them a leader in the market, now serving more than 40,000 customers in 138 countries around the world, and they manage almost half a million domain names worldwide. This is how WP Engine say that they consistently achieve ratings of 97% customer satisfaction.

The report also notes that:

“In the broader market, WP Engine believes it differentiates on the quality of its support and service. This is a common claim in the web hosting space. However, it is a realistic differentiator in the very specialized, and very performance-focused managed WordPress hosting market.”

Of course, WP Engine has become a code-level contributor to the WordPress core, largely thanks to the two WP Engine developer staff who are always closely involved with the development of the application itself. This enables the company to iterate on its own platform with an awareness of planned developments to the core.

Heather Brunner, Chief Executive Officer for WP Engine, said of the report:

“One site in four built on the web, globally, is built on WordPress. The WordPress system has been evolving, going from a simple blogging platform to competing with the world’s largest most sophisticated web content management systems. WP Engine acts as an extension of an IT team meaning our customers don’t have to worry about servers or support. Instead, they can devote all their efforts to brand-building activities and delivering the best possible online experience for their business.”

This report is another step in WP Engine becoming a market leader in the industry of web hosting and shows them providing a good service both regarding customer support and technological innovation. This report also notes how much influence they have been having on WordPress as they seek to expand in this industry: the report marks significant progress both for WordPress and also WP Engine.

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