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a small orange reviewA Small Orange was founded in 2003 and currently has over 30 employees and serves tens of thousands of customers worldwide. In 2012 it was bought up by EIG, although they retained their old management team.
Shared Hosting Verdict:
A+ Highly Recommended
Monthly Price:$4.25
A Small Orange Coupon15% Off
Unlimited SpaceUnlimited Bandwidth
CpanelFree Domain
Integrated CloudflareDaily Backup

Our A Small Orange Shared Hosting Review

Our A Small Orange review is fairly high on our list web hosting providers  given it’s unique entry into the web hosting service market and the little unique quirks they put in the site to make it an enjoyable experience for its customers. They set themselves apart from other companies with their simple, yet effective name that is extremely memorable; coupled with a colorful and radiant template for their website that really sets the tone for their site.

One interesting thing you may like to know is that the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of A Small Orange is Mr Douglas Hanna.  He founded and writes for a popular blog on customer service and customer service experience called Service Untitled.  He also served as the Customer Service Manager at Hostgator.com before they got purchased by EIG.  He also serves as a Member of the Board of Advisors at CodeGuard (WordPress backup service).  The point we make by revealing all this information, is you will see as you read our review that we think A Small Orange \ Hostnine have one of the best customer support experiences you will find in hosting.  This really is their big strength.

Our First Thoughts

One thing that you first see when you visit A Small Orange is their original and bright colorful branding.  It is probably one of the nicest web hosting sites we have seen, but the question is does that match the quality and features of the service.  We already know about A Small Orange due to us using extensively their sister site Hostnine, including their VPS for this website.  We actively maintain a site with A Small Orange, which we mainly use for testing purposes, and playing around with the new blogging Platform Ghost.

When you first visit their site you will see a very smart summary of the different types of hosting they offer, including shared hosting (which this review covers), reseller hosting, business hosting, cloud VPS hosting, hybrid hosting and dedicated hosting.  As you can see, there is a fantastic upgrade path for A Small Orange and it is a truly exceptional host (even though we prefer their sister company Hostnine).


The Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process is very easy.  If you are unsure of the right plan, the first thing to do is open an online chat and they will talk you through the best plan.  Don’t worry, they don’t try to talk you into an expensive plan like some hosts!  If you just have a small WordPress site, then all you will need is the “Tiny” or “Small” plan, and then as and when required you can upgrade from there.  You can find a full walk-through of the sign-up process on our coupons page.

When we last setup an account with A Small Orange (one we actively use) it took a matter of minutes to get all the account information so we could start working on our site.

What we like about A Small Orange

  • No “unlimited everything” – Most companies will try to pitch you the line that they have ‘unlimited everything’ and that just simply isn’t true about the sites bandwidth and disk space. A Small Orange separated themselves from the pack and provides you with a clear-cut picture of the disk space and bandwidth they offer.  However, you can purchase additional bandwidth for your shared hosting at just $0.50 per GB per month.
  • SSD Driven – Experience blazing fast shared hosting with their fully SSD driven shared hosting environment. SSD drives are at least 15 times faster than the traditional mechanical drives used by most other hosts, and are more reliable as well.  Typically, you will only see SSD driven hosting on a VPS or Dedicated server, and even then this is only a recent trend.  This explains the lower storage space within the plans than competitors, but believe us… it is definitely worth it.
  • Superb Customer Service – This could be the best thing about ASO. Send them a ticket, and you’ll receive a response in just 30 minutes at the max. No question goes unanswered which speaks volumes to their reliability. They truly care about their clients because they know their customers care about their product.  We host this site with Hostnine, who share all the same support infrastructure.  We can honestly say these guys know their stuff, and are one of the best support teams we have experienced.  What’s amazing is they don’t shout how good their support is from the rafters, like some other hosts.
  • High Touch Services - A Small Orange created a unique service that provides help for managing your site above and beyond what you would expect from a typical support service.  They will help with software installation, configuration tuning or even the setup of complex software.  Essentially, they advertise their technicians as being for hire for any task that needs to be done on your website.  We actually think this is a great service addon, as having someone on hand to sort out a problem can be very cost affective, and give you alot of peace of mind.
  • Price for every budget - A Small Orange offers a good pricing that will any kind of budget, but if you need slightly more powerful plan, we believe Hostnine is slightly cheaper in the long run.
  • No hidden agenda-No lies like claiming to have unlimited everything, and no hidden fees or contracts. They also offer you a 45-day money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with their service.
  • Different types of hosting - A Small Orange gives you a platform of different web hosting options to choose from varying in price and outlook. Cloud VPS, Dedicated servers, re seller hosting, business web hosting, and shared web hosting are all offered at reasonable prices.  You therefore have an excellent upgrade path should you need it.
  • Node.js and Ghost Blogging Platform Support – A Small Orange is one of the few companies that offers this kind of support on a Shared Server.  Ghost is an upcoming blogging platform that is quickly gaining traction.  You can read more information in our review here, including instructions for setting up Ghost within A Small Orange.

What we don’t like about A Small Orange

  • No phone support – Unlike A Small Orange’s sister company, Hostnine, A Small Orange does not have phone support. At the moment, its not that big of a deal, but with continued growth, it’d be nice to have phone support as an option for new clients. Their online chat, and ticket support is pretty impressive though.

Our A Small Orange Review Verdict

A+ Highly Recommended

A Small Orange is definitely among the top of our list of the best web hosting companies in the game today. A Small Orange deserves it based on a number of reasons like offering monthly payment options, discounted pre-paid pricing, and up-front quoted pricing based on the monthly price, not on some ridiculous three to five year prepaid plan, as well as A Small Orange fresh, and tangy website template that chas quite the appeal to it. While Hostnine and A Small Orange are owned by the same company (or at least used to be), it is good to make note of the fact that A Small Orange is cheaper than Hostnine. With that in mind, we feel that A Small Orange really cares about it’s clients and they have the tools available to maintain success and grow and prosper.

a small orange coupons

Latest A Small Orange Coupons

Simply click the A Small Orange Coupon above to copy the code to the clipboard, and visit the site.


  1. Leland says

    While it’s true that no hosting companies actually offers unlimited bandwidth, A Small Oranges offers only 20 GB of bandwidth. That might be enough for a small blog with not that much traffic, but if you are looking to publish new articles as often as possible, upload some media files for the visitors to see, and actually have quite some traffic, you might soon understand that 20 GB just isn’t enough. Besides, you could easily get more for a cheaper price elsewhere (Hostnine, Eleve2).

  2. Maria says

    I wonder how many monthly visitors you can have with the bandwidth limited to 20 GB. I know it depends on the type of website you are running and all, but is there anyway one could calculate such thin? Provided that the band width limit is not an issue, A Small Orange seems like a great host.

  3. Mike says

    I have been using A Small Orange for over a year, and I can confirm that their support is amazingly good. I am very happy with the speed too. They use some kind of Nginx on their shared servers, which coupled with their SSD and Cloudflare makes my site incredibly fast.

  4. ASOUser says

    I’ve been using A Small Orange for quite some time now and I have to say I wouldn’t recommend any other company. I LOVE them. They have been really great as far as support and I love that I can pay $5 a month for just the right amount of space.

    I highly recommend A Small Orange.

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